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  1. Oh dear! I think think the windows updates have broken it! I've tried 3.1, 3.04 and 2.7 - and they all crash in the same way at the same time! Run as Admin doesn't seem to help. No more printing for Simon!
  2. Same here - just upgraded from 3.04 to 3.1 Load a few STLs and the PC crashes - blue screen of death on fully updated Win10 Ultimate. Hoping 3.04 will still work!
  3. I'm having a similar issue with my (week old) U3. A long print (20h) aborting 10mins from the end when printing from USB. There is no WiFi here - so I cannot use it instead. Having had this three times and last time discovering the GCode was corrupted, I checked it before I started the print. After the print aborted with Error code 1043543, the GCode now includes this block: G1 X137.238 Y131.708 E336.74435 G1 X137.238 Y145.687 E336.81009 M204 S5000 M205 X30 Y30 G0 F15000 X137.244 Y146.027 M204 S1000 M205 X10 Y10 G1 F1500 X136.402 Y146.179 E336.81412 G1 X135.56 Y146.026 E336.8 @Š
  4. valcrow - Thanks. That's good information. Unfortunately I've now removed the kit and my printer is printing (as we speak) nicely again. Overnight it has completed the next 40mm without a problem - except, I had switched off retraction as it caused the 2+ kit to jam. It's a bit 'stringy' now - but they will clean up OK. PRB4 - I'd noticed that as well. I had just assumed it was inaccurate, not that it would actually take longer. The previous iteration of this part (very minor changes) took 13h to print in V14. It's now saying 24h at the same speed etc. It's already had 13h - so we'll
  5. Well another day of failed prints. I did observe though that it prints OK (with the temperature set higher than normal) until the fans kick ramp up to 100% - then the underextrusion starts. If you turn the fans down, it extrudes properly again. Alex suggested it might be the temperature sensor faulty - which is certainly possible. Unfortunately, I needed my printer working - so I just returned it to how it was before and it's printing nicely with the same firmware & version of Cura. I've wasted 6 days chasing this - and just don't have the time to continue. I'm sure for some of you i
  6. I downloaded Cura 14.04.06, updated the firmware and used it to re-generate the G Code. This is a file I've printed previously on my U2 without issue. I appreciate that the hot end is different. I started with the default settings in Cura and on the machine for PLA - but found it mis-fed in the first few layers. The hotter, & slower I printed, the further it got - but now the print temperature (assuming it's accurate) is really too high - and it still fails after a max of 10-12mm. SandervG - is this a part I could machine? I run a small engineering company and despite my apparent lac
  7. How have you guys got on with the upgrade? Mine arrived 4 days ago - and I've yet to get a successful print out of it! Continual under-extrusion. I'm printing a file which printed fine before on my U2 with an Olsson block & iRoberti Feeder and regular Ultimaker Black PLA. I've gradually reduced the speed and increased the temperature and flow - and it is now just about printing OK - but it's at 10mm/s, 245C & 150% Flow. I'm not so much looking for a solution, just whether I'm alone in this? Is it me - or the upgrade? Si
  8. I've agreed to buy FingerPuk's Ultimaker 2 - so need to sell my trusty UM1. The thing that attracts me to the Um2 is the higher print resolution. Many of the things I'm trying to print are very small (< 1cm^3) and need that extra definition. In May 2013, I entered a competition on GrabCad to win one of a number of Ultimaker Printers - and as it turned out, I did win one. This was my entry: https://grabcad.com/library/kreepy-krawly-2-1 A couple of months later I receivied my Printer - and it's been fantastic! I've owned two previous printers, a RepRap Mendel and a BFB 3000 - but
  9. I was thinking about buying an Ultimaker 2, in which case my Ultimaker 1 would become available. I have no idea what it's worth - PM me if you want to make an offer? I'm located in Sussex and could probably deliver within a reasonable distance too. Si
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