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  1. Oh dear! I think think the windows updates have broken it! I've tried 3.1, 3.04 and 2.7 - and they all crash in the same way at the same time! Run as Admin doesn't seem to help. No more printing for Simon!
  2. Same here - just upgraded from 3.04 to 3.1 Load a few STLs and the PC crashes - blue screen of death on fully updated Win10 Ultimate. Hoping 3.04 will still work!
  3. I'm having a similar issue with my (week old) U3. A long print (20h) aborting 10mins from the end when printing from USB. There is no WiFi here - so I cannot use it instead. Having had this three times and last time discovering the GCode was corrupted, I checked it before I started the print. After the print aborted with Error code 1043543, the GCode now includes this block: G1 X137.238 Y131.708 E336.74435 G1 X137.238 Y145.687 E336.81009 M204 S5000 M205 X30 Y30 G0 F15000 X137.244 Y146.027 M204 S1000 M205 X10 Y10 G1 F1500 X136.402 Y146.179 E336.81412 G1 X135.56 Y146.026 E336.8 @Š
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