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  1. Can you post where you got your replacement board from? My UMO has been degrading in print quality for about a year now and Im hoping this upgrade kit can solve the problem once and for all!
  2. I would really like to make it out of a smoked acrylic material or something of that sort. Not 100% sure yet. Thanks for that link to the parts list. It appears that that is a list of all parts needed to build it? wood/ metal/ ect. everything?
  3. I am looking to purchase an Original Ultimaker, but would prefer not to use wood. I was hoping to be able to find an assembly kit which allowed me to purchase all of the hardware, and laser cut the the wood components myself, but have had no such luck. Im sure I cant be the only one who is interested in this, so does anyone have any advice on this? Thanks in advance!
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