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  1. That would be great if Braddock did- but I must stress it doesn't matter where the printer is in the world I'll pay for the shipping!! So any takers?? Keen to get this print test up and running. Cheers
  2. Hi there, I am IN LOVE with the UM2!! I think its going to be perfect for a passion project I'm working on - but it's not quite a 'shut up and take my money!' scenario yet - I just want to take a look at a couple of high rez/tolerance ABS prints of a model I've had developed A.) to see how good the 'fine detail' is likely to be but also B.) more importantly see that the ABS prints will behave in an appropriate way that is suitable to be used to be used as a prototype. Model's not very big (approx 2cm length , 1.4cm width, 0.9cm height). I'd love to get 2 to 4 prints done pending costs - doesn't matter what colour ABS, but keen to see the Ultimaker 2's very best/highest rez & tolerance print quality. I'm in Australia so if there's anyone active here that has UM2 and can help me that would be great - but really it doesn't matter where you are - I am more than happy to pay for the service and shipping plus handling if it means I can hold a couple of sample prints in my hand. Could you help me? Flick me a private message if you're keen. best wishes Nick
  3. Hi Sconet , Wow the duty is steep! Hope you're enjoying your new printer
  4. Hiya skippys! This is a shoutout to any Ultimaker 2 owners in the Sydney region - I'm saving up to buy this amazing printer later in the year but am just testing the waters to see if there's anyone else out there around Sydney?? I'd love to learn more about the machine and your experiences with it
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