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  1. I fixed the sensor problem and posted some pictures. http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/5671-broken-heating-buildplate/ may help.
  2. The solution 1)Bought PT-100 in local store for $10 2)Bought cheap thermoglue-made in Russia Alsil-5 for $2 Next operations took about 15 minutes. I removed completely the old sensor and the copper lines from it. Made a scratch on the heattable so the sensor will actually sence. Soldered new sensor to the connector. Applied some thermoglue and attached the sensor. After that heated table to 80C for 5 minutes for better and faster thermoglue solidification. This is it. After leveling the table and opening new beer(yes,I use beer since in Russia it works better than glue,blue tape and anything else) I am finally able to print new abs balalayka for my pet bear. The printing is perfect and the rest of the beer I have to put inside. gr5,3Poro,thanks a lot,you really helped to solve this problem.
  3. Sent you PM. Yes,tell the Marrit pls that i wish to buy the buildplate.
  4. Wow... I bought stolen printer...hmm,never bought enything stolen.Now it's really intresting 3dprinting experience. If you intrested,I bought it from someone who still sells UM2 printers. You can still find his advertisement. The printer was new and worked good for abt a month. Customs in Russia really difficult dealing with 3d-printers,but there are zero problems when you sends spare parts. I recieve a lot of spare parts for RC-helicopters and many many other stuff,wich seems much more complex than the heated buildplate.
  5. Now,right after the turn on: and no,am not in the room with 122C
  6. I am not shure this is ticket ID,since I wrote directly to support e-mail. EHJ-383-44122
  7. My UM2 worked for one month only and then the temp sensor of the buildplate is broken. In responce from UM support i got that the buildplate should be replaced,but "unfortunally we don't ship to Russia,hope you understand". So,now i have a really pleasant 3dprint experience...
  8. As UM customer-definitely:) But generally it's a nice place to live.I spent totally abt 10 years in almost every place on the planet and came back to mother Russia. Yes,thanks again,I found the tables and all the neccecary docs to understand what this pt100 is. Yes,connected them directly,cause somethere both pt100 lines were invisibly cracked. But I can't get good connection.Now it shows t=120-150' C while the real t in the room is "little bit" lower ~23C. Well,I ordered some $10 PT100 sensor and almost shure it will work. The question is how to glue this sensor to the table,that heats up to 120C.
  9. they are happy untill something wil break and it's just a matter of time.
  10. Here is support responce: In case the bed isn't working properly anymore you need a replacement one indeed. However, we can't ship to Russia unfortunately. ... I hope you understand. Yes,I understand I made mistake buying Ultimaker2. Could throw $3000 out ot the window with the same result,but at least that whould save me a lot of time.
  11. gr5 thanks for your answer,very informative. I also hope they will change the buildplate.It certainly will take like month or more. But I need the working printer now,so I am looking for any temporary solution.
  12. Done. Posted on: 08 May 2014 07:31 AM Hello. I have Ultimaker2 and it's in error state: Error-stopped.Temp sensor BED. Please help. and still open... At the same time I also contacted UM directly to email and got respond yesterday. So,my guess,all this negotiations will take some time...
  13. Hello. I have my UM2 for like 3-4 weeks. I used it only several times for printing prototypes with ABS plastic. At some point (common,I guess) problem with incorrect readings from the buildplate t sensor appeared.It worked with unpredictabble temperature and finaly i got the "Temp sensor,call suuport" messsage. After reading this forum and checking everything I discovered,that metal path right after soldered point on the lower side of the heating bed is cracked. So I fixed it one way,and another after first solution worked for 2-3 prints only and at the end resoldered the the broken line. It works,the best default t was 40(115 ohm), but now when room t=25,the printer shows something between 61 and 150(right,150) buildplate temp. So,the solution... 1)Best solution as I see it,UM sends me new buildplate as warranty replacement. 2)Maybe,the PT100 sensor could be replaced with another one? It seems like it's universal sensor commonly used in many devices.The question is-where to get one and how to attach it to the table. 3)Replace the whole buildplate with another one? Is it unic or widely used part for 3d printers? Any suggestions? Really,really need the printer to get back to work as the fate of my future company now depends on it.
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