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  1. Hello again, first @Osgar: Thanks, that could solve the problem. Setting the angle back to 10 makes support on the parts. But... right now i see this in the view: It seems, that the last couple of layers are set out of the build room and misplaced from the other layers. Whats this? Regards Midgard
  2. This picture for example, It's a thingiverse miniature. You can see the "problematic parts" in the red circles. Is that a view problem, or are there really no supports. Regards Midgard
  3. Hello everyone, First, if the posting is double-posted, please delete one. I tried to post this, but then the connection crashes, if not, please post: yesterday i tried Cura, because i can get my Ultimaker 2 tomorrow. After i gambling a little, i try to make gcode from my Model. Because i have many overhangs on the model (Scans of self designed Boardgame-Miniatures) i use "Support type everywhere." After that, i take a look at the layer view. And i am shocked. Even half of the required supports were shown. I try another Model --> the same. Almost all of my models haven't got the nec
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