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  1. Thanks Tommyph1208 for suggesting to buy a used Ultimaker - and thanks of course also to the other posters for their help. I'll go on Ultimaker-hunt.
  2. I'm considering to get myself an entryticket to the world of 3D printing. Of course, there are many to choose from, but I think I've narrowed down the choice between Ultimaker and the Velleman K8200. For a fair comparison, I probably should compare kit (hence UM1) to kit: - K8200 is cheaper - K8200 is much bigger, for a slightly smaller print volume - The alu frame of K8200 seems more rigid and durable than the wooden UM1 - K8200 has a heated bed - UM1 claims layers of 0,05 mm, whereas K8200 speaks about 0,2-0,25 mm - I think the UM1 is easier to assemble - The K8200 is in stock in a shop in my hometown, compared to weeks of delivery time for Ultimaker. Choices, choices, ... I'm sure all of you will tell me that I should go with Ultimaker - but I'm mostly interested in experiences from people who actually have used both.
  3. I guess the main reason for using this kit is not in creating multi-colored objects - but in creating an object in a single color, exactly the color that fits the purpose of the object. I.e. a vase that is not blue or pink, but a tone that fits your interior. Or a replacement part for something, with exactly the same color as the original.
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