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  1. I have been trying to get the whole Support Blocker -> Per Section of Model Settings to work and I need some help.


    It looks like this is still a thing in the software but it keeps crashing on the slicing with any model. It used to work fine.


    Is this still a real feature or does it not work anymore?

    Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 6.37.26 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 6.36.49 PM.png

  2. I have a few follow up questions if possible.


    1) The PolyBox looks great but it seems to only offer passive de-humidification. Is there perhaps a model that is active drying yet still affordable?


    2) How well has your machine dealt with flexible filament? Lets say the UM TPU 95A. I know a lot of people swear by only using direct drive extruders with flexible materials. However, how well do these work?


    3) Is there a power failure mode? Living in the PNW trees fall on power lines often and the power goes out, or might just flicker with the wind, etc. Anyway to printer can sense this then start again once back online?


    Also, @SandervG, I accept your apology regarding the UM2 Dual Extrusion. Lessons hard learned - for both of us - which is why I am asking all of these questions BEFORE buying haha. But, I am happy to see you all went pro and endeavor to offer the best possible!

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  3. Thank you sincerely to all the replies here.


    The information from all of the people who have used these machines is valuable. It is also a vote of confidence in this machine. I do believe we will invest in the S5.


    It seems as though to nail the PVA it really has to be kept perfect. I will explore breakaway but I really like to gravitate towards a single solution.


    With that being said I like to integrated material storage offered by UM however the nearly $3,300 price tag makes it something we will look at in the future.

  4. Long story short my company is looking for a new 3D printer. We have had a nearly continually running Ultimaker 2 since 2014. It is a champion. However, it does not do dual extrusion - easily. I bought it because it was marketed that it would have the function. Never panned out.


    Enter PRUSA. I watched as they developed the MMU2 Multi-Extrusion upgrade. I purchased the i3 MK3S printer and then patiently waited 8 weeks for the printer then another 4 weeks for the MMU2. Both in kit form. Wow, that was a lot of time and energy to setup and it really doesn't run that well. It's cool and all having nearly all of the parts 3D printed but... well.. all of the parts are 3D printed and when you mix hot ends and 3D printed parts they just don't last a long time. Needless to say it is in day 2 of not working because there is something wrong with the motherboard in addition to other issues.


    For instance we had the PRUSA running at a museum recently and it just wouldn't work anymore. At least 3 different types of problems were plaguing it. Kids would visit the museum and see first hand how much troubleshooting is involved in this technology. Haha. It did work for a few days and was cool for sure though.


    So I ask myself, "What does it take to get a reliable 3D printer that works every time AND does dual extrusion?"


    I took a look at my still working 2014 UM2 (as it replaced the PRUSA in the museum so the show would go on mind you!) and thought I would take a look at the Ultimaker line once again.


    When you start thinking of these as investments for a company and not a weekend hobby the criteria start to become different. You start to invest in a system or ecosystem of parts. Software stacks. Integration of workflows. Scalability. Uptime. ROI. Etc, etc.


    After much research and hopefully this relevant preamble I have some questions to ask the Ultimaker Team and hopefully people who have used these machine - S3 & S5 - so I can make the most informed purchasing decision for my company.


    Feel free to chime in on any of these, all of them, or just share your experience owning and using these for professional projects.


    1) How realistic is the uptime of this printer? Lets talk specifically PLA & PVA. Both from Ultimaker. Does it really actually print flawlessly and very reliably? Or, is there actually still a lot of tinkering and problem prone processes that need to be navigated? For instance here is an article where a test reviewer encountered problems with a false-positive "out of filament warning" every-time they printed with PVA.


    2) How reliable is the remote access? Always up or it's kind of a hassle with spotty connections and you don't really use it 6 months in?


    3) Did your printer arrive ready to print or did you have issues with it being damaged or out of alignment?


    4) What has been the biggest problem with your printer so far? Have you been able to fix it?


    5) Did you get the extended warranty? Was it helpful or worth it?


    6) Do you update to the latest firmware or wait for a while because this process has lots of errors that make it worse?


    7) After owning one for a few months would you buy another? Do you already have multiple? Do you wish you would have bought another model or brand?


    8] How often do nozzles get clogged? What happens when a print core is clogged? Do you have to buy a new one? Can you fix the existing one?


    Thank you for any input!



  5. Looking at ordering an S5 or S3 and I am curious if there are safer ways to ship these? 


    Say if we are based in the USA can MatterHackers ship with a better company?


    It would be really nice to have the new machine in working order when it arrives. I know shipping can be tricky though.

  6. The fan that cools the extruder, the part where the plastic comes out (as opposed to the dual fans) is very noisy and loud on my Ultimaker 2. I know it is this because when I stop the fan with my finger it is very quiet.

    This was confirmed when I visited another Maker Space and theirs was very quiet even though the fan was running.

    Where can I get another one from? It seems basic but has not listing on the fan. I contacted Ultimaker but haven't heard back and do not see it listed on the store.

    Now that I know they can be quieter I am eager to get a replacement.

    Thank you for any information.


  7. Haven't read this in years, came to this conclusion a little late in the thread but my disappointment is fresh.

    Like others have said, this was advertised and promised long ago. I understand it may working with the Original but that's why I bought the version 2: because of it's future ready tendencies. I feel a little bad I convinced my fiends to get this one because of the dual extrusion feature too...

    It feels a little like those new iPads - same thing in a taller/flatter/smaller package - when the real time and effort could have been true innovation. Like in the feeder, or dual extrusion. Or, in the Apple analogy, when gestures were introduced.

    I think that the framework is solid but remove the feeder and hot end and start fresh. Use the existing rails and pulleys for the hot end and the existing mounts for the feeder and build off of those. It is possible, I'm sure there are more ways to do it once you abandon the current model and make a different version that scraps some but doesn't leave you with an entirely blank slate. Clearly others have been doing it, it is present in the first version, and it must be made before any fabled UM3 comes out. See a working kit here: http://3dprint.com/31460/dual-extruder-ultimaker/

    That being said I wish I would have realized this long ago and will be trying to tackle implementing this on the side. Thanks for everyone's super thorough discussion.


  8. I am having trouble keeping the build plate level between prints.

    I dial it in, calibrate it, and it prints great.

    Then, EVERY time I go for a new print, without even turning it off, the plate, when it comes time to lay down the first layer, is many millimeters off (either +/-).

    How do I fix it so it goes back to the same place every time instead of needing to calibrate before every print...

    Thanks for any tips!


  9. I wanted to take a poll and see the different rates of success for Ultimaker 2 owners. I have been using this machine for about 6 months and am getting about a 25% completion rate. That is, 1 in 4 prints make it out of the machine. (Printing things that take under an hour)

    My friend said that is dismal, but for me this is a good streak.

    What is your normal success rate?


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