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  1. Printer is not UM sorry, its a small i3 with triple extruder, the electronics are Rumba which has 3 extruder drivers plus XYZ so 6 in total. Would be happy to modify the start2.gcode but when 3 extruders are selected then start2.gcode is ignored (this may be a bug?), did try add a start3.gcode to .ini file but is wiped out upon starting cura, this may not be the correct way to solve the issue, maybe start2.gcode should be called for more than 1 extruder (not just 2) and then could edit to my liking. For now am just manually homing, primeing and setting temps etc before starting print, though it would be great to have start code to prime, eject other filaments etc (the 3 filaments share a single hotend) as no end2.gcode runs either to turn off motors or temps at completion of print.
  2. When using dual extrusion start2.gcode and end2.gcode are used. When using 3 extruders no start or end code is called. Have tried to add a start3.gcode and end3.gcode to current_profile.ini however they get deleted when starting sura ans never appear in list. What is the correct way to enable start and end code for 3 extruders?
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