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  1. Update on my order: I received my Ultimaker Original Plus and currently am finishing the electronics BUT "Dear Georg, Please find your order confirmation below. ============================================================ Order Summary ============================================================ 9052 ultimaker original + Ultimaker Version: Ultimaker Original+ (free Doodle3D incl.) (1) @ €1,195.00 = €1,195.00 cable-eu Cable (in printer price) Power cord: EU (1) @ €0,00 = €0,00 ============================================================" I did NOT receive my Doodle3D which was part of the deal I ordered. When will this will be sent? Kind regards
  2. I ordered my Ultimaker Original Plus on October 07, 2014 when the lead time was indicated at 4-6 weeks. This would have meant a shipment at the beginning-mid november. Then I received an email where a further delay "I want to inform you that we have been facing some challenges maintaining the predicted lead time for the Ultimaker Original+. The shipment date has been set at the end of november. Then you will receive your Ultimaker Original+ which you have waited for so patiently." Again I waited and here we are at the last workday of november. My order still hasn't been shipped. I am contacting the "Consumentenbond" of the netherlands to see if they can help with that unacceptable behaviour towards your paying customers. My order number is R166807628
  3. For all potential Ultimaker Original Customers: I have waited for over 5 weeks and received no notification what so ever about a delay in the delivery of my Ultimaker Original. I contacted support and set a deadline until which the Ultimaker should be sent (today), the response: Within a period of 2 - 3 weeks you will receive your Ultimaker Original which you have waited for so patiently. This is not how you treat your customers. If you cannot provide the product you sell, you shouldn't accept orders (and money!). Today I contacted PayPal and will cancel my order. Never again!
  4. I called the service line on monday, they informed me that my UM1 Kit should be sent at the end of may. 2-4 weeks instead of 1-3 days as stated in the email ! The long waiting times don't sound very encouraging.. :-|
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