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  1. I think Daid has some issues to fix, especially for the Material concept on the UM3. The design and idea is really nice, but it's not properly working now.... I really hope that changes soon :-)
  2. It took me some time, but i get it to work :-) If you want to print with two "foreign" Materials (as a dual print) and do the workflow Zwakie suggested, you'll get the following message from your printer: "This print job is not suitable for this printer - Err 26" So the printer will NOT start the job.... What you have to do is to cheat Cura and the printer :-) In Cura you have to pick up for the printcores one of the 5 Materials (eg. CPE) and modify it in the section "Material" on the right side - like printing temperature, build plate temperature a.s.o. so the it has actually the paramete
  3. I did all the things you discripted above on Cura / Printer. When i got the warning on the Printer and tried to ignore it, the Maschine didn't started the print!!!! That's why i began this conversation....
  4. Thx for your reply :-) But when i load the material on the Printer i have to make a choise (in the display of the printer) and there are only the 5 Ultimaker materials (if they have no Chip). I tried to load HT and then i choose on the Printer one of the 5 material, in that case ABS. When i did the slicing in Cura i selected my new material Profil for HT and saved on the USB stick. When i put this stick on the Printer and select the gcode the Printer will not accept the in cura prepared material. It has to be the one i choose on the Printer. So what to do now??????
  5. Hi, my new UM3 arrived and i'm quiet happy with it, but i have one big Problem. I use a lot Material from Colorfabb eg. Bronzefill, HT, nGen Flex... So i generated many new Material Profils in Cura 2.3.1 but didn't find a way to import these new Profils on the Printer. The UM2 has an Import function, so it's very easy, but there is nothing like that on the UM3. Did i miss something????? bests, Conny
  6. @emilio2: no changings of the firmware or printerhead - just the Bowden tube and feeder :-P
  7. I'm using Roberts Feeder - so i can Change the Tension easy when i use the 1.75 or 2.85 Filament :-P
  8. @Neotko: I used this because i found these things at home, otherwise i would have bought a new smaller PTFE Tube. Just the end at the stepper motor is glued and it has the same length as the original tube.
  9. The smaller tube is just inside the original one (my spare part).To fix these together i used some glue and then there is no additional movement.. So if i want to swap the Filament i just change the tube. Conny
  10. @Neotko: I use Roberts Feeder and a smaller Bowden Tube and it work good :-P Conny
  11. Hi, i had the same problem with the "Heat Error" with Cura 14.12.1. on my UM2. So i had a look at my hot end and the temp. sensor and everthing looks fine. But i don't give up and found the solution. Problem was the fan duct - i used the one by venkel V6, which did a good Job so far. But as a switched back to the original one, the Error was gone :-P So check you fan duct - if you don't use the original one. This may cause the issue. bests, Conny
  12. Hi rustyw, thank you very much - i'm running now the 1.75mm Filament with the original bowden tube but with a flow of 300% and that worked quite good. In the next couple of days i will give your setting a try, as soon as i get the 2mm tube.
  13. Hi, mit einer schönen Schicht Prittstift und Bett bei 70 Grad hab ich keine Probleme mit der Haftung. Ich hab ein ganz anders Problem mit dem XT und zwar bei Überhängen auch mit Support gibt es nur eine ganz unregelmäßige Oberfläche in den ersten Schichten. Parameter sind: Temp:. 240 Nozzle) / 70 (Bett). Fan 50%, Schichtdickt 0,1 Geschwindigkeit: 40 Sonst bin ich total vom dem Filament begeistert, wenn nur dieses Problem nicht wäre... Kann mir da jemand weiterhelfen????? LG, Conny
  14. Thx for the link with the new Feeder - I'll give it a try. Hope it works ;o)
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