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  1. Great stuff guys, am missing working with "my" 3D printer. :(
  2. damn that's a nice bracelet pm_dude
  3. Yep you're right, again my mistake - sorry, will dig deeper next time before coming here with questions thanks
  4. thanks pm_dude if you would be so kind, could you test print this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:175065 and post the results for me, mind you it would be super cool if you could chop off the upper and lower layer with an infill of 0% obviously and stick something inside after it's printed, like a piece of filament of a different colour, so I can see how transparent XT really is.. Cheers!
  5. Hmmm thanks KreativGeek, did not see that link. Was only looking at the one I posted in my post. Sorry then, my bad :???: Thanks for pointing it out Has to be an awesome material to print then... on the To-Buy-Next list. P.S. Mind you, they could have added a similar description in the "pre-Add-to-Cart" stage though, wouldn't that kinda make sense?
  6. http://colorfabb.com/xt-copolyester Excuse me Robert, not trying to get into an argument with you, but on the link above (which is the product page for XT-COPOLYESTER) for the product that we are discussing currently there is not one word about Transparent, yet alone mentioning it 7 times... There's isn't anything to miss as the property of transparency just isn't mentioned on that page Even after your post I went to use the Ctrl+F function and typed in Transparent, not one hit, just because you made me second guess my vision. Simple misunderstanding, as you thought we are discussing Faber
  7. Yea that's what I also thought at first looking at the picture at their website, but I am almost certain if this material had properties like transparency, they would have at least mention it in the description or even name it as such. Would make sense to me... Looks transparent though.
  8. What's the best see-through material in the PLA range guys? Is it even possible to achieve the best possible transparency, considering you have layers, which make it very difficult to "see through" a printed object. I don't see anything apart from the Transparent Red at Colorfabb, Faberdashery has this "Crystal Clear" one @ http://www.faberdashery.co.uk/products-page/print-materials/crystal-clear/ but does any one have any experiences with it? Is it really crystal clear?
  9. Which make take some time :mrgreen:
  10. I confirm that C4D is very usefull for these types of things, also using a shader (with the image of the pattern you want, black/white, depending on what you want extruded) in Displacement settings of the Material can be used for this. Or projection, but that's a bit tricky... - projecting actual vectors on to the surface and adding extrusion.
  11. @ pm_dude That would be an interesting concept... Nice bracelets, love the colours of the material you used. Will shoot for Faberdashery after I go through the Colorfabb materials I bought.
  12. wow cool stuff dirk, thanks for the numbers, will give them a try one day
  13. Cool Deep, but isn't it then harder to disconnect the support from the object or do you make sure that the connecting points are thiner then the actual pillars (support)?
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