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  1. Hey guys, thanks for your replies. I used Repetier Host V1.0.6, what version the Curaengine is, I couldn't find (Anyone knows where too look? In the slicer manager there is nothing said). The PLA is coloufabb and layerheights was 0.3mm which is often good enough for me. I tried other heights for this model, but it didn't make any difference regarding the problem. I took a closer look to the layer-preview and made out some irregularities at the radii: could this be the cause? I used a stl with a higher resolution but got the same irregularities: Any guesses?
  2. Hi together, I made this model with small radii (r=0,25mm / d=0,5mm) for a locking mechanism: I sliced it with cura engine in Repetier and used a DeltaTower with 0.4mm nozzle: The preview of slicing looks fine, but when the outer contour is actually printed, it makes moves with unregular speeds (I looks like it hangs on some radii, and then more filament is coming out on that spot) Any suggestions on how to improve this? Thanks!
  3. The file has several thousand lines, thought that wouldn't be helpful. -Anyway, I found that the last line said this: ValueError: invalid literal for float(): 2,86 so I intuitivley checked the value put in for filament diameter and saw it was a comma instead of a point, changed it and it worked fine again. -For me the problem is solved, but programming wise it might be good to put in more fool-safety :-) Thanks for your support!
  4. Well, I found that file but i'am not qulified to make any conclusions. How can I upload it or what part would you be interested in to see?
  5. Sorry, haven't been printing for a while. - No, its not a mac. I haven't had those problems in earlier versions. Right now the problem is that I can't rotate the model any more. Cura is starting to slice instantly after loading the model. After rotating, the model is still not beeing rescliced and the old toolpath is shown in layers view. - nothing except the printer is connected - its a very simple model, also with other models the same thing happens - the virus software is called "Managed Antivirus" and I can't simply deactivate it at work
  6. When I start Cura (14.07) and slice a model for the first time it works fine. When I change a parameter or move/multiply the model, the slicing does not start again. - is there a way to restart slicing? (so far only restarting cura helps)
  7. Thanks illuminarti, in the pic you can see the model. Min extrusion is set to 0.02mm. -all other moves are in the interior as well, but here retraction is done. the move on the very bottom is one that is without retraction and causes strings, most others are fine.
  8. Hi together, somehow retraction is not always applied for travel moves. The model I'm printing has the same crosssection all the time and a lot travels have to be made. Most places retraction is applied, but sometimes its not. Thus I have strings whenever this is the case. Minimum travel setting (1,5mm) is way lower than the travel distance. combing enabled. -I'm on a deltatower. Any suggestions?
  9. Superb guys, thanks for all the advise! Meanwhile I switched to colorfabb xt and the prints look much better. I'll try your suggestions next time I'm onto the red PLA. Thanks a lot!
  10. Hi out there, I'm trying to improve the surface quality of my PLA prints. I keep having these really tiny artefacts on the surface. Any advise how I can improve this? You can see them in the pictures on the surface of the cone. -and it might be the same problem that causes the extra material on the small top parts with the holes. Thanks!
  11. HI Daid, thanks for your info, but I really can't find the post you referred too. ...can you send me a link? thank you so much!
  12. Thanks Robert, they seem to have different batches of this material, is saw this stated on their website. http://colorfabb.com/xt#.U38_JRb9c5w Adviced 3d printing temperature: 240-260C (XT filament produced before 7th februari can be printed at 220 - 240C) the last temperature is also advised on my package. Also the first layers are printet just fine... so I guess its not the temperature being wrong. Any other ideas?
  13. Hi together, I keep having this issue with layers that suddenly start to crumble and holes evolve. In the end these holes are carried through all the rest of the layers and the surface is holy :smile: ...any suggestions on how to solve this? The first layers are perfectly layed, but then suddenly these holes accrue. I already tried with slower infill speeds 35mm/s but still not really successful. 3mm PLA XT 235°C 0,06mm layer highs 100% fill density Thanks!
  14. hey folks, thanks a lot for your quick answers and help! I'll try what you suggested. - in general, how do I post pictures in this forum? Thanks! Alex
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