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  1. i have seen various stores but almost all of them sell only large panels >3000mm and my CNC have only 750mm so i have two options, i try with the aluminium or try to find Trepsa with smaller dimensions.
  2. Ok thanks for the info, do you know where i can i find it in europe?
  3. Ok thanks, i thinking to drop the ideia of making a UM2 and start to making a UM1 instead, i´m study what materials i could use for the frames instead the plywood, i have a CNC so i can cut this parts, i´m thinking in aluminum but maybe is too heavy and expensive to do that, i don´t really like the acrylic... I have found most of the mechanical and electrical parts in aliexpress, but i´m a little afraid about Chinese material...
  4. For the electronic i am looking a kit like this: SunFounder Mega 2560 + Ultimaker 1.5.7 + A4988 3D Printer Kit. I don't know if is the best option but is easy to find, if you have other suggestion please tell me.
  5. And what do you recommend for the frame?i don´t really want make it with plywood, im searching in others materials. i´m from europe so i will try to buy here because of the taxes from US is too expensive:( do you recommend a shop in europe like reprapdiscount? Thanks for your help
  6. Hi, I´m carlos from Portugal, i´m thinking in building my own UM2 since the plans are open source and i have already downloaded from github. I have a cnc Shapeoko 2 so i can cut the frames with it. I have looking in ebay and other shop sites looking for some electronic parts but is very hard to find. For exemple i can´t find the main board anywhere!can i use the board from UM1 or from other brand? I have also a few doubts in choosing the material to make the frame, the original UM2 come with 6mm dibond but is also very hard to find. If anyone have the same project in hands can share the experience pls Thanks,
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