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  1. Wow, Thats a lot of info!! Thanks ultimaker user!!!!. I didnt realize how far into the configuration file I actually had to go.. I thought there was just a simple setting in cura for custom built printers. I guess i was way off... oops. I will have a look at those links and see what I can do... Yeah the printer i built has a c frame and has a build size of at least 350mm x 350mm height 250. The endstops are set father than that though. All the stepper motors are nema 23 and its running the drag motherboard. I figured(which i assume is way off) that i could take the default firmware from the 3drag board and use it by just modifying some simple settings in Cura. My fear was having to modify the configuration settings. How come the configuration file has to be altered? is there no simple way of just dimension settings in cura?
  2. Hey All, I built myself a custom 3dprinter, its pretty cool, functions, but i need to understand how to calibrate the x y z axis with cura. The motherboard is the same as the 3drag so its running arduino and the marlin firmware. Since I made my x y z axis longer than the average printer( this is so i can use it as a cnc as well ), I had to put the end stops farther away than the actual ends of the hot plate. How do I calibrate cura to understand where the center of the table is and where the ends are? do i have to edit the arduino file or is it just a cura setting? any expert advice would be great thanks soo much!!
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