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  1. no worries, you were absolutely right. One of the jumpers must have been broken, 'cause after switching with the ones of the second extruder printer works great. Many thanks for all helping out!
  2. All, thanks for the fast answers. Unfortunately the jumper is not the problem. See pic below. And Anon4321, I did select the right machine. Any suggestions are welcome!
  3. Hi all, Fitst of all, I'm happy to be part of the Ultimaker community. Looking forward to learn and share a lot. Last weekend I spend 8 hours building my Ultimaker Original. Great fun and not as difficult as I feared. At the end of the evening everything seemed to work fine. The next day however, it turned out that the prints that are made are strangely tall. In other words x and y seem to print correctly, but the z seems to big. Prints become very tall. The Ultimaker Robot was aprox. 5 times higher than expected... Since I'm an absolute beginner in the field I've no idea where to start solvind the problem and any ideas would be very much appreciated. Have a great evening, Maarten
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