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  1. Thanks Bob, still undecided and so checking all current wiring and soldered joints to try and pinpoint problem but if I have no success then will go for the cheaper option but carefully. Jim
  2. The heated bed on my Ultimaker 2 has stopped working giving Error code ER02, I have checked the cables and swapped them over as suggested by Ultimaker but it looks like I need a replacement bed. I have seen one advertised on Amazon which is a lot cheaper than those available here in the UK, has anyone fitted one of these Chinese made beds and are they worth the risk.
  3. Printed three different objects today without any problem. it looks as though tightening those four screws that hold the Z screw brass nut did the trick, thanks for your help and advice.
  4. Checked the bed movement as described, moved into centre of z screw then lowered it on maintenance settings, it goes down cleanly and then bounces at the bottom without any noises or rattles. Checked the tightness of the four screws, each turned about an 1/8th of a turn so not loose then tried to print the robot, it worked although the print quality is very poor as it is dragging the filament across the print, neither of the fans were running at the start of the print is this normal. Will try another print when the robot is finished and let you know.
  5. My mistake the initial layer thickness in the advanced settings is set to 0.3. Moved the build plate using the Lower build plate in maintenance and it moved up first and stopped, pressed the command again and it moved up and down a small amount without any difficulties or grating noises.
  6. With the power off I lifted the bed and the limit switch in the bottom clicks, lowered it by hand and again it clicks, turned it onto its side and watched the limit screw push the switch all the way down again it clicks. No death rattles when levelling. Cannot see any brass nut that the Z screw goes through, may be below the bottom plate. I don't want to start dismantling any further as the machine is only 2 weeks old so if this isn't a problem I can get to without major surgery will have to return it to the supplier.
  7. Just tried to print the robot but again the plate moved hard against the nozzle, no glue used but can still see the marks of the nozzle on the glass.
  8. The layer height is set at 0.1, I have wiped the glue off and will try another print, will let you know what happens.
  9. I'm new to the Ultimaker printer having only had one for 2 weeks but I now find myself in the position of not being able to print anything. On all the prints I have tried for the past week the build plate moves hard up against the nozzle and blocks the filament, the shape of the intended print is cut into the glue on the build plate and each time I have to abort to avoid any damage. I have reinstalled the firmware, Ultimaker 2, and levelled the build plate several times, I have also tried having the build plate lower when levelling, 3 sheets of paper, but nothing has made any difference. An
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