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  1. Update: rotating in Cura with an external mouse is now working on my Macbook. I guess I needed a restart. It also now works with my keyboard.
  2. Thanks Daid! In the meantime, I'll just run Cura on my Windows bootcamp...can't believe I hadn't thought of that.
  3. Cool, I'll do the firmware update, thanks pm_dude!
  4. Just as my UM2 printhead moves into place to start a new print, it leaks a string of filament in the air. This loose string often ends up in the print itself. Am I doing something wrong? I remember seeing this leak on the Ultimaker 2's at the Maker Faire, so I'm guessing it's just normal behavior. Can I turn it off? Or, have I mis-set something? Thanks! Chuck
  5. Same problem here! It's seriously annoying. I'm on a new MacBook with Cura 14.07. I even tried plugging in a MX518 Logitech mouse with the up-to-date drivers. Holding down the right mouse button and dragging just pans. Double-finger drag = pan Two-finger scroll = zoom FN + arrow keys = change perspective Arrow keys = rotate (but only along the vertical axis) There is no way to rotate. Someone please enlighten me...and, yes, thank you, I'm very happy with my Macbook Pro :cool:
  6. I am unable to get any of my Ultimaker 2 fans to turn on. I have changed Cura settings and tried turning them on via the Tune menu, all with no luck. I'm guessing there is a wiring issue. I've attached a picture of my control board. There are two suspiciously unplugged wires. One with a red & black wireset, the other with blue & white. Every wiring receptacle has something plugged into it except for "ANALOG" and "TEMP2". Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the reply. But, could I also just detach and then reattach the plastic blocks that connect the axis rods to the belt? That wouldn't work if the belts are not continuous loops.
  8. What is the best way to align the axis of the Ultimaker 2? It seems like it would be easiest to unlock the plastic linear railing blocks and then re-attach them at their proper location. For the UM1, it looks like people are loosening the pulleys to adjust this. Although, that looks a little annoying. Thanks!
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