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  1. its color faab xt and i just took it out of the package it was stored in for 3 months
  2. so when i print with my um2 it seems to slow down momentarily then spew out more plastic than normal.it causes bulges and unevenness any tip? also the plastic beads up and looks like little drip marks instead of one solid line. the extruder is not clicking or skipping.
  3. so since ultimaker isnt responding to my emails i thought instead of paying money for a new nozzle that id try to unclog mine. so i took it all apart and help a propane torch on it until and the pla had burned away. i looked through one end and could see light through the tiny little hole in the end of the nozzle. i put it back together and what do i get? under extrusion and the little click/skip on the bowden extruder. i took of the tube and tried to manually feed it and i felt the it wasn't going through with as much ease. i might not be hot enough or the nozzle is screwed. what weird is that it will print fine for a bit but then start clicking. and when i extrude filament it doesn't just string out of the nozzle, it beads up on the tip. PLEASE HELP!
  4. so i want to buy a new hot end for my ultimaker 2 because mine which i stupidly decided to print woodfill on is clogged and nothing is coming out of it no matter what i do. it took me 2 months for ultimaker to send me a quote for a new hot end. i replied asking if i could pay via PAYPAL but i still havent heard back from them. so does anyone know of any hotends that are compatible with my printer? i dont want to give money to a company that doesnt have time to respond to a dissatisfied customer's email. im honestly thinking of tossing my UM2 off a bridge and getting a makerbot because i know anyone's customer service is better than the service i am getting now.
  5. i did not go through the ticketing process i emailed you directly both at sales and support
  6. So I've emailed ultimaker 2 times over the last 3 weeks and havent heard from them I called but the operator said the number wasn't in service. I need legitimate help with your product that I spent money on and you aren't available to help me. What gives? Please let me know if there is a reason I have to wait weeks on end get a response from you.
  7. well that explains it thanks ive been cranking it up as soon as it starts heating the bed. i hope i haven't ruined anything. thanks for the quick reply!
  8. so whenever i need to print something i always have to manual enter the print temp by going into tune the temperature and turning it to 210 which is what i print pla at. the printer remembers all other settings like plate temp etc. but it wont remember the hot end temp. i always have to start the print then go in and increase it to my desired temperature. please help?
  9. so i got my ultimaker 2 yesterday and i got a less than satisfactory print on it. when its printing an edge at higher layers it almost looks like the edge i bending whil it prints and the small overhangs on the UM robot look kinda like piled up spaghetti. please help
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