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  1. Yes I have and he refuses to acknowledge the problem. I don't care about him having a project on kickstarter. The issue I have is the 3D model/ design. Yes it is simplistic, as some may argue. My issue is the fact that it is a copy of mine in so many areas, including some elements of how it came to be... The issue here is all about the ethics of it... I know this will probably be shrugged aside by many people until something very similar happens to them. Raising awareness is important. It starts with something as small as this...
  2. Hi Guys, Just wanted to share my current experience. A few days ago I was alerted that someone is attempting to sell one of my 3D designs that I first posted on Youmagine and a few other websites more than 2 years ago without my approval and without any recognition. I found the offender is essentially getting funding on Kickstarter to produce and commercially sell my design (or a slightly modified version). He has already generated more than $17000 USD in funding for what appears to be my DIY Automatic plant waterer and its revision. I contacted Kickstarter and explained to them the situat
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