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  1. Hi all, I've added an attachment to the head of my UM2 and consequently I need to change the pre-print routine - otherwise, a crash would occur. To be clear, the routine in question happens directly after pressing the print button and lead to the head moving all the way to the front of the printer. Within the Cure machine settings I've tried: Decreasing the size of the bed Increasing the size of the head Neither of the above has made any change, can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Charles
  2. Hi All, I'm selling my UM2 as I'm looking to create my own build. The only mod is an extruder change for Roberts version. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with the box which currently resides in the UK. 1,200€ or nearest offer - pick up only (Amsterdam) Feel free to call me +447414780380 Thanks, Charles
  3. @pm_dude I should of been more precise, by directly driven I mean straight off the stepper shaft. I don't think bowden is too much of an issue. On the other hand the flexible shaft idea looks great! @Labern Yeah I'm currently using roberts extruder and it's not really working out, the knurled wheel is constantly slipping on the the filament. I've tried just about everything without sucess.
  4. Or this one: http://www.reprapdiscount.com/mechanics/64-bulldog-xl-extruder.html The main problem seems to be the lack of grip between the wheel and filament, when looking at the marks closely it's clear the knurled wheel is constantly slipping on the material.
  5. Hi there, So after having tried different designs of extruder for my UM2 I can't seem to get the reliability I was looking for when purchasing my machine. I'm convinced the combination of a directly driven extruder with a knurled wheels is a combination that's banned to fail during long prints. Just as a reference the extruder on my reprap mendel which is geared at around 1/30 with a hobbed bolt has never failed after two years of solid use. I'm sure anyone that's used a UM1 will tell how much more reliable the extruder is on that. So I'm willing to put some money towards a new extruder and
  6. Bump, surely someone on this forum has the answer?
  7. This is awesome, I had no idea PLA would win. Thanks for sharing! I've always though the materials strength to be about the layer adhesion more then the properties of the materials itself.
  8. May I ask if you have any previous experience with 3D printers? What issues have you had?
  9. Honey comb infill, skip every x layer infill, wipe, z scar control, only infill where needed...
  10. Hi there, Unfortunately due to the lack of options in Cura I would like to go back to using Slic3r. So my question is what do I have to change in to make it compatible? Will copying the start/end code from Cura in Slic3r be enough? If anyone would be kind enough to post these here, it would be much appreciated! Thanks Charles
  11. Good stuff, it's a great way to give access to the consumer the customization abilities of 3D printing. I'm also looking to set up some sort of parametric web interface for product customization. May I ask how you created yours?
  12. Hi there, So I made the change to Roberts extruder but after a few test I'm yet to get a decent result out of it. The green print (Poor Quality Filament) was made using the stock extruder and the clear print was with Roberts. After this I repeated the test with both higher and lower tension, both of which came out worst. Am I missing out on a trick to get the tension right? Is the correct tension in a very small bracket? Most of the time it's printing the skirt fine but starts under-extruding on the actual print. Many Thanks, Charles
  13. Dammit , guess I was expecting too much then. Nonetheless still has some pretty good advantages. Thanks for the info
  14. @Blizz Yeah, I'm getting tired of the underextrusion anyway I think I'll change for Roberts extruder. Have you guys noticed a good improvement after the change?
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