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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h8duodqqtqzjnmd/2014-06-10%2022.17.49.mov With default firmware (only extruder drive upgrade). Cura 14.06 It's different points with this firmware but same noise
  2. Thanks, anon4321! It's really true - latest Cura (14.06) has broken firmware. Installing with older version (14.01) fix this problem. But older version have not "Heated Bed kit" firmware. I try to build at http://marlinbuilder.robotfuzz.com/ with "Basic Ultimaker + heated bed (100k therm, relay driven)" option. It have not correct end stops markers - bed leveling points are: 1. front left 2. bottom center 3. front right 4. front left (again) Maybe I select wrong option? Where I can download firmware for Ultimaker Original with Extruder drive upgrade and Heated bed kit installed?
  3. Firmware flashed, but without main board. With main board connection impossible.
  4. After installing heated bed I successfully update firmware but next step was unsuccessful - no connection. As I understand it was short at HOT BED port (but i try at relay side - no shorts) or voltage at TEMP3 port (also no). Now printer won't connect with connected main board (heated bed kit disconnected) but arduino port is visible in OS. Connection successful only without main board. After power on head go right with small speed steps. How to fix my printer?
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