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  1. Had issues with 3.2, did a fresh download and instal of 3.2.1 on my early 2013 MBP retina with 10.13.3. Still garbled. Maybe a bit better, but it doesn't fix it. Almost unreadable.
  2. Running 3.1.0 on a MBP with Sierra 10.12.6. Cura has some odd behavior. I wanted to try the Slicing Tolerance setting to try to get screw holes and nut recesses to print better. I enabled the function, and it will say that is slicing, but with the 'exclusive' setting it the bar goes all the way, but it won't show layers or let it be saved? It will finish with the 'middle' and 'inclusive' settings. First I thought it was the model, but I made a new one of some simple holes in Tinkercad and it still won't work. Is there a wall setting that has to be a particular way to get it to
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