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  1. my previous print was made on 50mm/s, first layer speed was 20mm/s, temperature i've tried were 210,220,230,240. It happens between layer 3 and layer 10, i've noticed it after 20 prints. So,its not depends on size of layers, it could be 0.2 layers or 0.1 layers, the same problem appears between the layer 3 and layer 10, I've never made modifications to the fans .Tension spirng on feeder was changed from biggest to smallest . Temperature doesnt changing when temperature fan starting to work on 100%
  2. Here is my new print of cube, first 7-8 layers are good, others are all in holes...,and this happens whatever filament feed,tried different speed,different model,different layer size from 60 to 200 microns ,the filaments i use are from original website ultimaker store.Really ,now i dont know what to do with printer to make it print,cause i tried to reset feeder,tried to clean nozzle,attomic way , i used options "move filament", everything was going good, i reseted the level of platform for about 6 times i noticed 1 thing,when its going 7 layer, feeder making some noise,like going back and f
  3. in this topic i found how to change 1.5A, i will continue my previous topic, i have new photo of print
  4. My ultimaker 2, doesn't want to print as far as 7 layer... feeder is ok,nozzle is ok, i dont know what to do tried all temperatures, all speed and different models
  5. Hello,i heard,that if you set motor to 1.5A than the printing will be better, and test and all other prints... How to change it?
  6. Hi !i opened feeder, cleaned it...get it in place, reinstalled fillament, here is the result! :-| any advice?
  7. Hi!, printing speed was from 10mm/s to 100mm/s which i was trying.... before that,everything was ok with the same fillament
  8. Hello, i have a problem with my ultimaker 2, when i starting to print, doest'n matter which options i choose 100micrones or 200 micrones or 60 micrones, printer starting to print well, but after 3-6 layer it starting to build something rough and porous... I tried different temperatures, 190-245, recallibrated platform, material is PLA. I Tried clean nozzle by atomic way, material is going well when i pushing it with hand,maybe something wrong with my feeder?
  9. OK,this problem solved! Thanx alot, lets see next?))) 2 problem, layers not close to each other...It is 100 micrones layer, 30mm/s speed and 220 temperature ,blue PLA, I tried recalibrate platform, changed temperature from 190 to 240, and truing to slow down print to 10, nothing helped.What shoul i do?
  10. I will try and write back how it is going, will add some photos,thank you guys
  11. Hello, i have 1 question, PLA is going well on my printer, but i cant print with ABS filament, white and black ABS won't go from nozzle, on filament,there is written,that temperature must be 265 or more... but the maximum temperature on ultimaker 2 is 260, so its temperature problem or something wrong? PLA printing good, ABS not even goes from a nozzle, any advice?
  12. Hello, I have good news , 1 issue gone. So, here are my new prints. Temp - 190C Speed - 35mm/s Travel Speed - 200 Retraction Speed - 35mm/s Retraction Travel - 5.5mm Minimal Extrusion Before Retraction - 0 Melting on top of the model, gone!Yeaaayyyy !) But some issues left, I hope you have an advice. Thkick net of retraction almost gone between model parts.It is good, Melting also gone, but spiral line on first 3-10 layers still there.And first layers, printing incorrectly ,somewhere are missed material or a little holes..,Top of the model is pretty good, a little peace of P
  13. Here is my update, i've ,made today. Material PLA gold, Temp - 210 C speed 50 mm/s Its looks like top melting, layers missing and bottom printed with spiral line Have you got an advice for me?...) :mrgreen:
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