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  1. woop woop, looks like a larger UM3, which in itself already brings enough problems. You can't simply scale things up and expect it to work. Following this one for sure. I mean, it is obvious that we are being trolled and it is actually a laser dual laser cutter, didn't you see the glass fiber tubes going into the laser head?
  2. Actually, when I scrolled up I couldn't see the title anymore, because of the menu sticking to the top of my screen and over it I believe. So now I can scroll up and see the title. Edit, it wasn't topics, but sending private messages and some other stuff I can't remember that I couldnt read the top.
  3. The solution is simple, scroll all the way down on any forum page, and change the theme from ultimaker(default), to default. Live a happy live! I am so sorry @sandervg but the UM theme really is worse than the default imo. I kept using UM theme to find bugs, but I will keep using default now because it is just better
  4. I have emails turned of, but on forum notifications on. Don't see this thread. Let me try something though. It was Firefox on Ubuntu 17.04.
  5. Ehm, @sandervg Are UMbots taking over? 2) Also, there was no login button, only register 3) I am not getting notifications from this topic, even though it says I do.
  6. Somehow I stopped getting notifications from this thread. Resubbed Edit @sandervg I wanted to PM you, but this seems a layout issue in the UM template of the forum, yes I run the UM template that I find worse than the default, only to find these kinds of things and provide feedback
  7. So, @sandervg, new year, new CES. New Ultimaker something at CES? Just a tiny spoiler, like a yes, no, maybe(including heavy wink)?
  8. I see you removed the pinned topics from that list, now it is looking cool!
  9. I do get logged out every day so far. Will investigate on my end, but is anyone else experiencing that too?
  10. Moaaaaaar feedback: https://community.ultimaker.com/ shows 3 buttons, table, grid and fluid. Fluid still contains pinned topics, making the fluid function essentially useless imo as the top only contains pinned messages even when sorted on recent posts. Edit: will there be a function to reshuffle order/hide categories on the main page again? Such as hide certain languages, etc. Edit2: Homepage again, right hand side, Files, I can click on the name, but not on the image to go to the page. Would be intuitive
  11. Mine actually stayed. I copied into word before I hit the go to button, but it just updated the page and left my draft there. Going to another page and going back also worked for me. Though I just tested a situation where it didn't work entirely. So always be careful!
  12. I am not entirely sure it is beneficial to have a download button in the case only an image is uploaded. But not a whole lot you can do about it, I agree. Perhaps renaming the text "Download this file" to "Go to downloads", and then go to the same page you get when there is no download: And list the files. In that case people can see what kinda of files there are, instead of being prompted a jpg download file.
  13. Cool, thanks, I'll put the rest of my feedback in the actual feedback topic.
  14. What I noticed is that the notification system is tied into desktop notifications on firefox, I like that, but when I click one, it does take me to the new post, but doesn't remove the notification from the list on the website. Not sure if something can be done about that though. Perhaps when the page(number) of the relevant notification has been visited remove it? EDIT: When going to messages, you can actually only click on the title itself, not on the rest of the bar. Took me a few seconds to find out.
  15. Some feedback on the browse category, content wise: I love the way 3D prints is done, very very nice, except I cant download most of the files. And if I can, it is the first picture, for example: I like how the embed on the 3D prints link looks. Lets try out some other links: Ok it seems limited, but the main things work. One very nice thing, I just clicked a link, thought I lost my feedback, pressed back in browser, and whoop, post was still there! On to the calender, I guess it could be useful. The leaderboard I just can't get behind. I don't get the need for points and gamifications. I just don't see what it adds to the forum and I believe that was also the general consensus of the community when asked. Our picks(layout was fixed, kudo's for the response time!) is nice, I like it. Another nice thing, I closed the tab by accident, reopened it, draft still there !!!!!!!! Clubs, will have to try that one out, anyone want to invite me in their super exclusive club ^^? Guidelines, sure, but does it have to be there? I see the ultimaker.com category has been removed, now the bar feels even more empty. What about just skipping the top bar(moving some activity items to the browse category, and just only display the browse category)? Test: Sweet, you can now control+V(paste) images to this WYSIWYG But the goal was to show that the rounded egde looks somewhat pixelated on 1080p. Uhm, about the events, are you not worried that if users can create their own events (I added my birthday, and the same event 12 days later to check if it was actually birthday related to the calendar. Kinda spammy sensitive? Perhaps a moderator/admin approval step?
  16. Whoo! I can post again But is my post account also right? EDIT: Yeah it is! I personally dislike the UM theme. I think it looks way too uhm, messy/cheap/off. Default helps a lot, including the non sticky top bar etc. @SandervG I can still make events Would it be possible to sort the list of @ people smarter, for example by posts or 'points'?
  17. Subscribed to the topic. Let me know if you need help/testing/feedback.
  18. @SandervG, I saw you joined the UM Discord
  19. Why would the share button need a flash plugin? It works after allowing, but shouldn't be required. Any indication when the new forum is coming? Need any more testing help?
  20. Copy paste from @nilrog: Anyone able to access Ultimakers forum? For the past days I always get "504 Gateway Time-out"...the only way I can access it is by using a different browser where I am not logged in. But then I can't post...and report the problem... I mentioned it on Twitter to Ultimaker a week ago when it was still intermittent...and they only told me to be logged out, that would "solve" the access problem... edit: Apparently I can post
  21. @SandervG, and to the entire team: Brave to still make this move even though money and time were spend will now feel kind of wasted. I am curious to see the result, let me know if you need some last minute testing or advise
  22. That is certainly an understatement...some things have been broken since the dawn of 2017... Since the forum was introduced you mean That's another way of framing it Wasn't the forum changed early/mid 2015 somewhere?
  23. That is certainly an understatement...some things have been broken since the dawn of 2017... Since the forum was introduced you mean
  24. UM secretly infected our computers using the site and cura and is using that computation power to design a new 3D printer? I am curious for the reason, I cannot think of a single one, other than a switch to a proven forum package, but in that case I'd announce it...
  25. Yeah, you are right, it is not always, I believe with more than 1 notification only. And yes, first unread button to a topic you have never seen points you to the first reply instead of the actual first post. Also a bug mentioned since launch... 1) As far as "confirmed" can go, when clicking the bell and using middle mouse to open notifications in new tabs, after the first new tab, the pages start from the top instead of from the new post. 2) Another issue is that if you click in "unread posts" on a topic that you have never read before you are not taken to the first post...you are taken to the first reply...
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