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  1. Thank you , this helps a lot.
  2. Hello guys, As I try to make a dragon figure, the following happens: The print deforms gradually like the printing plate is slowly moving but the print did not move from its spot. It started good and then starts warping. I suspect it is some kind of software problem. Does anyone knows what the reason is or how I can solve this. Thank you in advance.
  3. Ok, it depends on the initial speed of the printer, I have only used the default setting and varying it in persentages on the printer. The speed of my printer was set at 50 mm/s so 75% of that will be 37.5 mm/s.
  4. I tried your settings and printed at 200 °C at a speed of 75 %, fans 100 % and only heating the bed in the beginning and let it cool down after a few millimeters. The quality definately improved, it is not perfect yet but it gives certainly a more consistent look.
  5. Hey, thanks for the reaction. I understood why it happend and I already tried differnent support structures to come to this result. If I understand correct, there is no easy solution for it and I have to experiment some more with printer setting and suport structures to get is as smooth as possible. The prints on the pictures are made with standard Cura support settings. PS: The tooth is indeed a tooth . It is a design for a dogsnack, I am going to try to print it upstanding. I want to avoid splitting it it in half as much as possible.
  6. Hello, Sorry about the pictures, I have some troubles finding the right way to get them in the forum. I hope this works:
  7. Hello, I have my UM2 printer for some weeks now and experimenting to get the best settings to make nice prototypes. I have done some nice printings but there is still something that I struggle with. When I make a printing of a rounded shape, the top part has a very nice and consistent surface but everything on the bottom side is sloppy and very ruff. I print in PLA on 210°C with fans on on 100% speed and I use the default support structure in Cura. A solution would be to print to parts and glue them together but I want to avoid that as much as possible. Can anyone give me some advice on
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