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  1. @ChrisR: it's actually not flat. The disk is tilted at an angle upwards leaving no totally horizontal plane with which to lay on the print bed. @Daid: I'll give that a try. Interestingly using the CuraEngine slicer in Repetier-Host yields proper support structure...it just won't start a print for some reason!
  2. Hi all, I've got a little oboe key that I'm printing for a friend. As you can see from the image, I can't get any support material under the hollow oval area to the left and it's giving me printing problems. Any recommendations? Should I try a different slicer?
  3. Thanks for the help. It turns out the model wasn't completely solid. Like you said, I had walls within the structure that needed to be removed. There's a great plugin for Sketchup called Solid Inspector (https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/solid-inspector) that really helped me identify where the model wasn't considered closed. An import into netfabb to scale the model and I was set to print.
  4. Hi all, I've just assembled a new PrintrBot Simple Metal and ran through some calibrations and the first recommended print, the fan shroud. Thought I'd have a go in Sketchup at creating a part for a cosplay and my resulting print isn't coming out like the STL in the 3d viewer. I'm guessing somewhere in the conversion to g-code there's a problem. Here's what the part looks like in Cura: and here's the resulting print. I stopped it once I realized it was going to add a layer almost every pass around the part. It looks like it's at the first 'step' out inside the hexagon. How can I check that this isn't going to happen with my prints? And what can I do about it?
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