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  1. Am I alone? I have a Windows Surface 4 with maxinal RAM etc. Windows 10 64 bit Previous versions of Cura have always loaded without a problem I have difficulty loading 3.6. I have removed all the old versions and their preference files. The only way I can get it to load is after a clean boot and then "load as administrator". I have tried beta of 4.0 and that is no better. I cannot identify any software that is causing a conflict. When the load does not complete, I can see Cura process in the task manager Has anyone else had a problem with 3.6 or 4.0??? Thanks
  2. I cannot find setup_win32.py let along a folder called Arcus
  3. As I am keen to keep up to date, I foolishly decided to install Cura 3.6 It will not install. I tried uninstalling my other versions manually and it still will not install. I tried install as administrator.- no better. SO installed 3.4 without a problem Am I alone in having this problem BTW I have a Windows 10 Surface Pro THanks
  4. I have an Ultimaker 3. Having had no problems printing I suddently have the error 26 the the print job is not compatible with the printer. I am using the latest Cura 3.3.1 and previous prints from this version were fine I have now updated the firmware on the printer I have tried a different memory stick I am still getting the error even from gcodes that previously printed ok However if I send the same gcode over the network I do not get the error. What is going on?
  5. OK, now I understand. First I go to Manage Material/Custom material/ Most of the settings are in the 2nd tab "Print Settings" In the main Cura menu not all variables are shown. If I go to one of the sections and hover until the cog is shown I then can find the menu called "Setting Visibility" It is here that I can opt to show more variables on the print setting page. Once visible, I can amend the settings for the profile TM
  6. I have taken delivery of FlexiFil by FormFutura. The filament is not listed in Cura's standard list. I see that you can make a custom material by I cannot see how to set the various settings for temperature and speed as listed here I know that I can change most of these on the U3 that I have as the printing starts, but that is rather tedious. I have just downloaded Cura 3.2.1 Sorry if this has been covered before Thanks
  7. I have just received a flexplate. Without wishing to appear dumb, do I stick the magnetic plate to the glass of the build plate or the metal that is normally under the glass? Boyd
  8. Thanks I am using PLA + PVA for the support. I printed a model of a bone so it is complex internally. On my U2 I found that prints failed until I reduced the retraction. The first print ever with the U3 failed 1/3 of the way through. I found the PLA filament ground most of the way through. I reset the retraction distance to 2 and the bone printed nicely - although it took 13 hours compared with 3 hours on the U2! Thanks you advice MM
  9. Got it! By unchecking "enable prime tower" I have effectively unselected Dual extrusion. Then when I enable support, PLA is the support material. Perfect, thanks MM
  10. Hmm! When I look at my version, Dual Extrusion does not show the choice for support extruder. Am I looking in the wrong place??? If the support is coming from print core 1 will I no longer need the prime tower? Thanks
  11. I have printed a model on an Ultimaker 2 and it takes about 2 hours. On the ultimaker 2 with the support made from PVA, the same print takes 13 hours. Is there a way to make the U3 act like the U2+ and print the supports out of the PLA in order to speed things up? THanks MM
  12. I am trying to understand the new version of Cura as I now have an Ultimaker 3. In particular the default profile has a retraction distance of 6.5mm. However when I hover over the info icon it says that this is an absolute value and the calculated value is 2mm. When I did a print with 6.5mm retraction, the print failed due to the filament getting ground down. The print succeeded when I had 2mm retraction Thanks
  13. I would like to use the "pause at height" plug in so as to stop the print half way. This would allow me to invert the print and then print from the other end and join in the middle. This can make supports unnecessary apparently for complex prints However the plugin does not seem to work. When setting the pause at a given height eg 10mm, and with a layer height of 0.1mm, I should see the print head park itself at layer 100. This does not happen in the preview and when I tried the print for real, it did not pause Is the plug in broken? MM
  14. Not having great success. Having almost 30 seconds between shots is a big issues. Handholding the scanner to get the whole hand and the target in frame is surprisingly difficult too. I am not have a lot of luck with the stitching software either. So all in all, I am not overly impressed!
  15. I have just received my Fuel. I plan to use it to scan a whole hand in 360 degrees. I plan 12 scans. Can someone tell me if I have to put the target into every scan shot? Once done I will use the advanced version of the software to stitch. I will feed back!
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