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  1. Thanks, good to know! However, I am looking for more of a permanent solution to my issue because I would like to make parts with infill >24% at times. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Interesting problem with Cura! I cant seem to get good infill on cura. Take a look. The problem seems to persist throughout all of the Cura updates I have applied. I believe the switch stemmed from my transition to homemade filament that I made on my filastruder. Unfortunately, I dont understand why the change has resulted in infill issues. The filament has a bit smaller diameter (~1.55-1.65mm) so I set the cura filament setting to 1.6mm. The infill speed is set to 0 so it operates at the same speed as the rest of the print. Slowing down the print doesnt seem to improve anything. Increasing the amount of plastic extrusion (by setting the diameter to 1.5mm instead of 1.6), the issue still remains. Turning off retraction has no effect. Changing the percent infill increases the infill density but the lack of infill quality remains. Aside from the shoddy infill, my prints come out pretty well! Any ideas what will fix my prints? The infill is pretty detrimental to the parts strength!
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