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  1. What is the best way to makePLA welds? I need two parts joined that will withstand motorcycle vibrations. Thank you
  2. You just press down on the white '4 prong' collet, while pulling up on the Bowden Tube uhhhh, thanks for making me feel like a mojon :oops:
  3. Ok, so I was hot n frustrated so I just went for it and pulled the sucker out. I pressed some filament in by hand and pushed a thing amount out of the print head cooled the head to 90c with some filament in there, had to give it a nice tug. wasnt satisfied with the little bump on the end. Was hoping for a bigger booger I put it all back together, put the white 4 prong piece for the bowden into the print head assembly first, then the tube, then the blue horseshoe clamp. I reloaded the filament, it came out strong, now I am going to make a test print! O YEAH!!!
  4. Update, I tried to remove again but this time I pulled from the back to give it some help and the filament came out the back. Now how to do I pull this bowden off? I removed the blue choker but the white plug isnt budging and I am afraid of just ripping the tube out and breaking something. ANy tips?
  5. What happens when you try to remove filament but the filament wont remove? :(
  6. Thanks, Illuminarti. So I have switched to ABS for the first time from PLA and have been experimenting for the last couple of days. Man is that build plate hot now! and I think the fumes are making feel a little funny... haha. I print on Frogtape and not blue masking tape. It has worked great for PLA prints but I am seeing crazy warping with ABS. All of my ABS prints warped and were aborted with the exception of 1 Ultimaker robot print I did to test something. It came out awesome! Since then, I have been putting a nice layer of gluestick on top of my Frogtape. I am about 20% deep in a 1
  7. Hey all you mad scientists out there. I am going to use this thread to document my 3D printing journey and hopefully add some value to this forum with my 3D printing experience. I started 3D printing in 2008 when I worked with a university researcher who converted a zCorp resin printer to print with a ceramic medium. He experimented making different ceramic mixtures and different bonding agents for the print head. My job was to stress test his recipes with 3D geometry, run the prints, maintain the lab, clean the models, and fire models in the kilns. It was awesome. Anyways, I gradua
  8. interesting, I thought increasing flow rate would increase performance. I thought that a little might be good to keep up with extrusion rate and too much would over do it? so i upped it 20%. So the temperature is what gives better detail? Why then is stock set at 210? I thought 220 would be pushing it. You guys are printing at 230 with 2.85 PLA?
  9. First test was at 210 degrees 100 flow rate Next test was at 220 degrees 120 flow rate
  10. Thank you for your help! Cross rods look ok. I am making really nice prints and see no gaps under or over the rods. When I got the printer there was only cardboard wrapped around the axis on the right side of the printer. Nothing on the left. The side of the damaged switch... coincidentally? I actually found that piece of cardboard when I manually raised the build plate! It was smashed underneath! :( $3000 printer! Nooooo For now, I am manually pushing the stop switch when the printer is resetting itself because I cannot stand to hear that awful noise anymore. Illuminarti, i truly appreci
  11. the little metal tab was just dangling there like a tooth about to fall out. I went to push the button you were talking about and the metal tab just fell off! I didnt do anything but touch it with my finger when i pressed the black button! :( What is it's purpose? to align the axis block to hit the black button? After this print finishes, I will try to manually slide the print head back to make sure they align but as of right now its not evening coming close. The switch its too far left of the block on the axis i think you are talking about. What should I do?
  12. So after I saw no filament coming out, I decided to start all over from the beginning. I did the leveling and all that fun stuff. When it came time to do the filament again, I assumed it would pick it right up because it was already loaded... ..it didnt So, I was surprised at how much force it took to load it initially so I decided to give it another hard push. It took it right up and I havent had a problem with extrusion? is that the right term? since. My prints are looking beautiful! The only problem I have now, which illuminarti addressed in the welcome thread that I need to reread and
  13. This thread will document my adventures in 3D printing with the UM2 Ok, so I just posted in the welcome section but I am already seeing issues on my first print I have the filament loaded, the old stuff came out, I chose the robot for my first print. I see little to no filament coming out of the print head. its going through the motions acting like its printing but nothing is coming out I am using the provided blue filament and like i said it loaded fine and old stuff came out and i saw a glob of blue come out, but it's not printing with it. What do i do?
  14. Hey, team. My UM2 is prepping to make its 2nd official print and my first the UM robot! YEAH! Couple questions. When configurating itself it makes some nasty noises like its slamming into the side of the frame, is this normal? Is it just trying to read the space? Second thing is the front belt looks loose. All the other belts are taught and look right but front is sagging a little. Is this normal? My first print is about to begin! HOPING ITS FLAWLESS!!
  15. UM2 should be here this week. Cannot wait to start experimenting.... :cool:
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