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  1. Heb zelf een Printinz plaat overgenomen kreeg de eerste print alleen met veel geweld los van de plaat ook in de vriezer en daarna heet water wilde niet helpen gebruik het niet meer met goede PLA en 70 graden gebruik ik niks anders dan een schone glasplaat eventueel schoongemaakt met alcohol.
  2. clio

    Foto printen

    je kan ook deze software downloaden en installeren is gratis en heeft een aantal instel mogelijkheden. Het komt uit Brazile maar je kan taal(ideoma) aanpassen naar engels. http://www.imprimindo3d.com.br/download/Setup.exe
  3. under materials setting you can enter your own settings and save it this will be used then during all your prints
  4. Did somebody already tried to use a SD card with build in WiFi for an UM2. for me it would be very nice to transfer files from my computer trough wifi to my UM2 is that possible I see they are arounf € 40 here in Holland.
  5. As far as I can see the nozzle fan reduced the noise a lot and if I see how fast the nozzle temp is cooled compared to the old one after printing, it is cooling better or the same as the old one. The temp when printing of the teflon is 52 degree Celsius. Normaly I do not mind the noise but with prints overnight the "finished" printer was really making a lot of noise now I do not hear it anymore. As I now use Colorfabb XT and for better printing reduced the site fans to 50% this noise problem is also solved.
  6. I have printed this (UM2) but the thread is different on my D-link dcs-942
  7. I just replaced the original UM2 center ventilator Deep Cool with the one from Ebay germany from Sunon and that really improved the noise when there is no printing and the machine is on now you cannot hear the machine! I further want to improve noise by replacing the two nozzle cooling fans are these also 5v and does somebody have a link for ebay to buy replacement fans with more or less the same capacity ?
  8. Sander do you know when the complete set will be available again this is much cheaper then the seperate parts. Now it is "out of stock"
  9. I looke at it this morning and then found a complete set with teflon spring etc for 69.95 but now there is only the nozzle and heater block, will the teflon bushing be for sale seperately?
  10. clio


    I have made a simple handwheel in Sketchup with in the middle a square of 6 mm when I export it and import it in Cura I still see the square however when I slice the handwheel then I do not see the square anymore and when printed I just have a solid disk (50 mm diam and 9mm high) ps the square is 6mm. Is it useful to run it trough netfabb or meshfixer before import it to Cura?? I want to have it solid although I also tried with 20% infill.
  11. Does somebody know if eg Colorfabb XT will be for sale?
  12. I still have a lot of 3mm PLA which I used with the K8200 printer but I am afraid that it will be stuck in the bowden tube can you let me know if you do not have problems.
  13. I wonder if it is not a problem that the diameter is 3mm instead of 2.85 if there will be some grinding from the feeder you will exceed the bowden tube diameter?
  14. Thank you very much everything in one perfect
  15. site panels are 5.90 mm and back and front are 6.2 mm measured with callipers
  16. Thank you for help I used the customize setting option to change standard 210 to 220 degrees.
  17. Is it possible on the UM2 to change the original temperature from 210 to 220 degree? and where can you do this in Cura 14.06.1?
  18. clio

    top layer

    Thank you for your quick response I will look more into all options I used in the past repetier en slic3r with my K8200 printer and have to get used to the fast slicing Cura program
  19. clio

    top layer

    I am new with Cura and the U2 and I wonder how you can set Cura to have a vase printed with an open top my settings for thickness is 0.8 and the bottom/top fill is 1,2 and fill 20% with these settings top and bottom are solid layers.
  20. Hello I am located in Holland and just bought an UM2 I have a few filament rolls left from my other K8200 printer with a diameter of 3.0 can I use these in the UM2 and do I have to adjust the spring for the loader? Anyhow how much tension must this adjuster have the white plastic indicator is at the top with UM2 filament. Strange enough I never used anything on the bed to keep the filament stick on the bed with the K8200 other then a temp of 58 degree now with UM2 filament I have to sue glue. Is there another way to stick the filament first layer? Rob
  21. I just bought an Ultimaker 2 after I was just a little fat up with the constant adjustments of my home build K8200 printer. I printed a few items and noticed that the fan remains running will it switch off after cooling down or can you adjust the Gcode in Cura? It prints very well but the results in high quality are not so good? I see I can learn a lot by reading this forum.
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