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  1. Just wanted to share a couple of items i have made for my warhammer models. i have made a new Gatling gun and a back pack to hold ammo. great prints
  2. hello again problem solved it was my own mistake i had the x and y stepper motors the wrong way around. Thanks
  3. Hello i am running the first time setup on my ultimaker original. I complete the ultimaker checkup and all endstops are working. Then i run the bed levelling wizard and it does not stop and slams into the frame and the belts start slipping. It doesnt respond to the front x endstop. We have tried pressing the end stop manually while the head is moving and nothing happens, the head runs into the frame. What is the solution to this problem? I am disappointed.
  4. Thank you for the response, and yes i can understand the business that you are in has a range of deviating factors that you can't always control. I will hold out and wait a while longer. How much longer do you think i will have to wait? What has been you longest delay so far? Regards Jack
  5. I agree with this post heavily! I am to about to with draw my order if i dont have information about my Ultimaker Original which i have waited nealy 5 weeks for. You can not take a thousand pounds off people and not give them info on their order and fail on delivery of your product. please review the way you sell and deliver your products because you are giving your selves a bad name with the way that you treat your customers orders and delay orders.
  6. Hello can some one help me with when my Ultimaker Original will be delivered. I ordered on May the 14th over a month ago. My Order reference is R410512643-1 Invoice is 15916 I have had no information on the delivery, and when i ordered the leadtime was 1-3 days. This i can see has changed to 2-4 weeks but i did order my printer when the website said 1-3 days and this was what i was expecting. Now that the time i have waited has gone over a month i demand to know where my delivery it. I am tempted to with draw my order and buy from different manufacturers if i dont receiver and information on my order. King Regards Jack Hodges Hereford, England
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