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  1. Will some of these new features be added to the UM3 to make a UM3+? and hopefully a UM3+ upgrade for us current UM3 owners? Will current firmware be updated to get more leveling points in auto calibration?
  2. Hell, now that i know about it I'm going to have to start working on it
  3. No I mean actual tech support from Ultimaker or the reseller that you bought the printer from: https://ultimaker.com/en/company/what-support-means-to-us
  4. Yea, I'm pretty stumped as well. Have you tried contacting official Ultimaker support yet?
  5. On other printers I usually take my accel down to 1000 then do a test print and see what it looks like and make more changes from there.
  6. Try turning down the acceleration settings, I know it's in Cura somewhere, I'm at work currently and can't tell you exactly where since i'm not in front of cura
  7. This may be a obvious question but you said you cleaned the nozzle and feeder, what about the bed? Have you tried wiping that down with some alcohol? You could have gotten some skin oils or maybe some sort of left over gunk on the bed from filament that is causing a problem like this.
  8. Haven't tried this before but think it would be possible. One thing that would be super important is to level the bed with the wafer on it or else you'll crash the head, as well as make sure you secure the wafer while printing or it might slide and you'd get a shifted print. Other then that it would probably just be a matter of finding a plastic that would bond to the wafer and well as a initial print temp. Good luck, if you try it post pics of how it went.
  9. Yea, i think that's about the same time my UM3 takes on the normal profile.
  10. Not sure on this one but i think changing the scale on benchy kinda defeats the purpose, if you scale it down then some of the details of the model that are suppose to be tested don't get printed hence why you may be seeing artifacts, plus the material doesn't get the proper amount of cooling time. The cube looks like it's picking up a lot of ringing and echo's, I haven't tried on the UM machines but can the accel and jerk be lowered? That's what I would do if this was one of my repraps. Maybe try dropping the speed over all, try a cube at 50 and see how it turns out.
  11. This is the go to for test objects: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:763622
  12. just wanted to add that I had this same issue with the first print I tried with colorFabb white. I then switched material and did another print with no problem. Going back to the white I literally had a dog hair clog in my nozzle (husky owner problems). After cleaning the nozzle I tried the white again, three different UM robots at three different temps (200,210,220) and no hair problems. I did notice that some hair fibers were on the fan shroud after the robot prints when the shroud was clean before printing.
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