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  1. thanks, i have contacted support so ill see what happens,
  2. Hi, This morning i went to print something, and smoke started appearing from the wires connected to the heated buildplate, followed by a burning smell. I turned it off straight away. Is this something that is covered by warranty, the maching is less than 2 months old and has hardly been used? Thanks Russ
  3. Thanks a lot for this. Perfect guide. Should definantly make it part of the standard ultimaker manual. Thanks Again Russ
  4. Hi Guys, Got a really good print using a layer height of 0.1mm, temp of 210 and speed of 20mm/s for outer layer, and 50mm/s infill. I also used the new 14.07 version of CURA. I am not sure if the new version of CURA assisted in getting a better quality print or not, Russ
  5. Hi Guys, Thanks for the response. I hace checked the orginal 3D model and there are no excessive polylines anywhere. I am going to retry the print with a temp of 210, a speed of 20m/s and an outer shell of 0.8mm hopefully this works. Looking at the print again i tend to agree with GR5, they do look like they are slicing related. Is there any way i can imporve/avoid this in Cura? Thanks Russ
  6. Hi, Sorry here is another link to the photos, hopefully this will work: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/od63pzzdh4wjfes/AAApix-cJeWryymcZeun8pCOa The blobs are around the chamfered corners, Russ
  7. Hi Guys, I am trying to print a bridge pier with embossed writing on the front face. My current print settings are , 0.25mm layer height, 50mm/s print speed, 230 temp using white filament. It appears to leave some blobs around the chamfered corners (See Pics). Any suggestions would be much appreciated: Thanks Russ
  8. Hi Skint, I think there was a typo before i am printing at 220 with PLA. I will try change the bed temperature to 60 and see what happens. Just have to deal with a blockage first. I am in Surrey, where abouts are you? Russ
  9. Hi guys thanks for the reply. I am currently using white filament, and the standard settings in cura, 260 nozzle temp and 75 bed temp for the entire print. Looking at Cura how do you specify different temperatures for the base layer? I have also tried levelling the machine numerous times using a sheeet of paper, is there a better way to do this? Thanks Russ
  10. Hi Guys, I received my ultimaker about a week ago and have been printing various things testing it out. Once thing i am commonly getting is a very poor quality layer where it is in contact with the glass build plate? Is this a levelling issue or should i be changing some of the settings in Cura to try and stop this? Thanks Russ
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