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  1. Think there might be something wrong mechanically with your printer then... I'm using 3.2 as well and apart from the blob things print as nicely as ever. On topic: Just went back tot the firmware included with 3.1 and now testing a new print, hopefully the blob is no more.
  2. I also used Cura 3.2.1 to upgrade the firmware. On the printer it went from 2.6.2 to 2.6.2 so I figured nothing changed (even though it flashed). I'll also reflash with the older version and see if that solves it.
  3. Yes, Mac here as well. Haven't been able to check yet if I have 3.2.1 or 3.2 but I usually update to the last version right away when I get the notification.
  4. My UM2+ also still uses the extruder from my original UM2, if that is any help. Sounds like it might be the same issue.
  5. Since a week or so (nothing changed except maybe newer cura version), my UM2+ finishes a print by starting to grind the filament at the end at higher speed whilst pushing out a huge blob of material on top of my print. Any ideas where I need to start looking to see what happens? I use Cura 3.2 to slice my models.
  6. Yes, it's what I also suspect, hence the remark at the end. What is annoying is that Cura can obviously detect that the piece "out there" is nothing it should print, as the slicing indicates once you get it into an orientation that "fits". Older versions used to have detection and repair routines for things like that. This is the model in question btw.
  7. Wanted to print a model but Cura projects some kind of shadow and indicates it unprintable (won't fit). Simplify3D has no such reservations. I managed to rotate it in such a way that the shadow would also fit on the build plate (in a corner, shadow going diagonally) and then looked at the layer view. No travels or any kind of printing going on beyond the model. If it's like a stray piece of model that far out, isn't it possible to somehow detect and repair that?
  8. Titus I know, was just saying that (for future reference) I didn't need it at all I printed at 240/60 w/o fans.
  9. The CF I printed so far didn't require any extra adhesion to stick. As a matter of fact, I haven't been using the gluestick for a very long time. For the bigger parts where there is more of a chance of warping I tend to use the good old fashioned hairspray trick and that is usually enough
  10. @DidierKlein or you can use a pronterface or run some specific g-code to change the value. I just used the fact that I'm running TinkerGnome's firmware, you can directly see and modify all step values via the LCD.
  11. @Korneel: As stated, my e-steps was still configured for 282 when it needed to be 369 for the new extruder. It prints ok now (Well, apart from the persistent squeak I can't seem to find the source for, but that was already the case before the upgrade )
  12. @Oldtimer: Just an FYI: You can quote and reply to someone in a single message. No need to add 2 messages for that each time. Unless perhaps its a way to get your points up?
  13. Thanks to @Meduza I now know that the correct e-steps value is 369 (despite the correct UM2+ firmware my printer still had 282 stored, probably because I changed it manually sometime in the past and it kept using the value). So things are looking a lot better already:
  14. The one in the picture was sliced with Simplify3D and wall 0.8, but I'll reslice it with Cura and try again, just to be sure.
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