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  1. If i grab the nozzle tip, it has a bit of play, aswell as i small click noise, comming from one of the linear ballbearings, so i have a feeling that the problem may be related to this. My long belts wont produce a note anything like that, so they must be to slack, adding further to the problem. How do you apply the clothespin springs? i collect them when my plastic clothespins break, so got a bunch in spare! All my axles got a bit of endplay, so how can the endcaps be to tight? I got sort of an ocilating feeling when pushing the head around, which seems a bit odd. I unmounted the axles a while back to replace the drivebelts, and all axles rolls properly on a glassplate.
  2. I really have no idea, from time to time, i find it hard sleeping.... a rough estimate is about 100 design hours and 60-70 print hours. You cant upload video to this forum?
  3. Im sorry, currently no video exists :(
  4. Ive made this automata as a birthday present for a good friend of mine. Its called "Flight of thoughts" It function as follows: First a gear is selected, high or low, which determines flight speed and rotational speed of propeller. Then the user determines the flight plane by actuating the control stick And lastly the motion is formed by turning the crank. The plane can then be controlled in flight by the control stick. The design uses a swashplate design to give path, which both rasies and lowers the plane, aswell as choose a fitting nose attitude (pitch). The gears and links are merely for control and actuation. Pictures: Overview Slight other view Plane is loosely basen on a fokker DVI. from ww1 Control stick Crank and gear selector Machine declaration (im an engineer afterall XD)
  5. Sure as sure! ive taking shrinking into account when i designed the part, usually i go for about 1,5-2% increse in dimension to compensate for shrinking. The problem is that it is not uniform, and the same error dont show up on the outside as on the inside? ive been watching the print for some time, and a think it maybe has something to do with the "rotation" of print direction. The outside is always printed in one direction, while the direction changes on the inside.
  6. Hi everyone! Im experiencing some troubles with my UM1 First off, i have holes which is oval, for an ø49mm part i get diameters between 48.3-49mm. I think that is a bit to much? anyone have experience here? My short belts are tight, and the long belts are also ok. They have only done like 30hours of printing. Next off i get decent surface quality all around the outside, whilst in the hole down the middle i get this "laddering" or steps, as if the layers are badly shifted, what can be the reasons for this? I think these problems are related somehow, but since my belts are tight, i dont think its backlash. ive added the following pictures to show the problem.
  7. Hello everyone Im in search for a good dual fan setup, much like that on the new UM2. First problem: Currently im printing thin (ø5-6mm) cylinders, and the surface on the "shadow" side facing away from the fan is melted an odd. Second problem: Printing these thin cylinders, my overhangs get bad, so i guess fan shrouds wich sits close to the nozzle would be preferble? i need your designs, ideas, thoughts on thei subject. Pictures of various type os shrouds would be mighty fine!
  8. To me it looks like a problem with your z stage. Have you lubricated the trapez rod all the way?
  9. The tracks are assembled by 1x15mm nails The axles for all wheels and rollers are either 3.3mm or 1.6mm stainless welding rod M3 bolts and nuts for the turret Lots of loctite precision glue :wink: Im not sure of the exact parts count, the tracks are like 180 links or so each, and the tank itself is 40-50 individual parts.
  10. Ive recently finished the wirbelwind turret for the panzer 4 chassis. The chassis itself is still on my desk in peices, so i borrowed my other one for display purpose! the finished chassis will have accomodation for boxes containing spare barrels at the engine ventilation on the sides of the engine deck. For the interested reader, the wirbelwind was intended to support the panzer division with much needed airsupport. The wirbelwind, equiped with quadmounted 20mm flak38 guns, excelled at engaging low flying aircraft aswell as light ground vehicles. The combined rate of fire was about 1600 rounds/min, which was requiered to engage low and fast flying fighters, this explains the open topped design, the guns produced massive amounts of smoke! The gun was manned by the gunner, training and firering the guns, aswell as two loaders with acces to about 3200 rounds of ammo. The wirbelwind (and ostwind) was later intended to be replaced by the closedtop kugelblitz. Guns lowered. Detail of gunner position. Guns and aa sight raised. Guns lowered showing the sight linkage.
  11. Where to get that? The software page says the current version is 14.03?
  12. I have uploaded 2 new Pictures in my album The Picture shows an entirely other part than the lamp shade. Still i get very rough surface quality when retracting. Any suggestions?
  13. Every bit is printed, except for the nails connecting the track links, and soem welding rod i used for axles for all the Wheels. Ive designed the 3D myself, from pictures and measurements taken in Münster.
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