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  1. Just to say thank you to Tinkergnome who answered all my questions, its taken me along time to get to this point Not the best print I have ever done but then again, I don't use cura so not bad the PVA came out well though. see it in action https://www.dropbox.com/s/xm8tcyb83rwqj32/2hd%20Ultimaker.MP4?dl=0
  2. Thank you for your input I'll carry on learning the Cura, will print with PVA tomorrow. Thanks again.
  3. Tinkergnome as always thank you for your reply, can I ask the firmware version I'm running is 17.09. I checked your GitHub Mark2 Page and you have version 19.03 is it worth upgrading to this, and if I do would I have to recalibrate the Mk2,, also I have a menu option of Prime / Wipe position and it was set at X 105.00 Y27.00 which I changed as a test to X111.00 Y87.00 which might of helped, or am I just kidding myself?? but do I need this option??
  4. I'm having a problem in that for some reason when the head changes to second head on first layer, it goes across the print then goes to prime tower, I checked the Gcode in S3D and there is no Movement to this point, I also checked it in cura and it does not show this move, is there anything in the Firmware that specifies a move like this, after the first layers everything is fine, I show the first layer and marked in red is where the head goes from picking up. Any advise welcome Im stumped..
  5. Just found this thread I was told Cura was the best for Dual material printing until I used version 4-4 and found this problem what a pitty they decided on this route.
  6. Forgot to ask I see a lot of this "This setting has been hidden by the active machine and will not be visible" while Im trying to activate some options
  7. Tinkergnome, thanks for the reply, I think that's ridiculous bring the left head for a 4 second print every two layers who on earth thought that was good, unbelievably bad, I looked at my cura (4-4) setting's and cant find Compact, I only have 7 setting for prime tower 1 enable prime tower 2 prime tower size 3 Prime tower Min Volume 4 Prime tower X position 5 Prime Tower Y Position 6 Wipe Inactive Nozzle on Prime Tower 7 Prime Tower Brim I tried 6 on and off made no difference I now understand why,, Below is a picture of my print , I will experiment with the position of the model / Prime tower tomorrow I moved it to the right for some reason the head was ploughing of my print to change head / prime tower/// any more advise welcome..
  8. hears a picture if you look at the prime tower its only red while printing Red Material sections, but when its printing the Green sections the prime tower is red and green how do I stop this..where have I gone wrong...
  9. hope some one can help me hear, got my Mark 2 printing with cura 4-4 don't know what I have done hear but, when printing dual head it will print with head 1 and go to prime tower do a layer then back to the main print ect, BUT when the second head comes into play it will print 2 layers, then change heads (hd1) go to prime tower do 1 circuit on prime tower then change to (hd2) and will carry on how do I stop it from just changing head do a prime tower print then swap back>>> my first print is looking quiet ugly heavy retraction marks ect on the outer surface,, and advise welcome...
  10. tinkergnome thanks for the reply, I think I was thrown a little by the little information on screen, I seem to remember possibly nozzle diameters, but I am probably wrong, I know the nozzle size is in advanced and found that setting in latest cura,, as I said many times I have not used cura or my UM2 for a long time and just trying to setup now in latest software, thanks for the advise I think it wont be the last time I ask, as setting up my Mark 2 I find difficult..
  11. I had a mishap with my hard drive so had to install Cura so decided to go for the latest, it took a few attempts for cura to slice a model for the Mark 2 I think the heads were disabled (?) any ways I got cura to slice but when I look at the printer under preferences machine setting there is a start script for the printer and end script but when I select extruder 1 or 2 there are no scripts just material ,diameter (2.85) nozzle offset X 0.0 Y 0.0 cooling fan number,, no nozzle sizes nothing is this correct, sorry for the vagueness but did use the UM2 much lately but now need it.. any advise welcome
  12. cloakfiend I understand, when I first started out with 3d printing I was learning by myself (made loads of mistakes and learned from them) didn't seem to get away with cura, and at the time S3D was in a field of its own, if you were planning to use Multy extrusions it was the thing to learn ,, how time's have changed🙄
  13. RudydG thanks for the advise have not placed order YET still thinking, I take on board and totally agree about S3D I use it all the time but can see an end to it with the UM3S Thanks for the advise.
  14. Just Returned from the TCT Birmingham and I'm seriously considering buying the s3 I like the footprint I like what I see under the bonnet, but I'm after reliability and quality of print, along with reliable Pva Supports, I've made no hiding the fact I don't use cura but will have to get over that, I would of like however the s5 material handler to be usable with the s3, if I have to watch moisture with pva it does not make sense to me to have to find a third party product that will do the job.. I think UM are moving away from the makers which is a bit sad but I think UM should also be aware with such a high price tag comes commitment from UM that the product is working and working well, if not then this erodes there Kudos. I think my s3 is in order ??
  15. chputney thank you for your advise I use notepad ++ and I place the pause where I want it, I will try the G1 instead of the G92 thank you for your input..
  16. Tinkergnome thanks again for the reply, I tried just doing a pause but M0, but there seems to be some discrepancy this works on the ultimaker but not on the Taz or the Prusa on the Prusa it defaults to some 10 sec then re starts, so I tried to standardise the command across all the printers 30s gives just enough time to insert lead weights and magnets. Im using S3D to slice, I have never used Cura and I think im starting to pay the price when you look at Cura / Slicer they are leaving S3D behind.. So going back do you think this should work, I altered the E from the last line before the pause and re instated it to the G92 G1 X85.679 Y103.328 E198.5816 ;pause 1 G91 ; set Relative G1 E-0.50 F1800 ; Retract :start of bobs stop G1 Z20 F3000 X20 Y50; move to Z20 X20 Y50 at F3000 speed M0 S30 ; pause G1 E1.0 F1000 ; purge 1mm fillament G90 ; Set absolute G92 E198.5816 G1 X85.679 Y103.328 F2000 these are taken from last line before pause G1 Z2.930 G1 X152.300 Y169.949 E202.6365 F1380 G1 X151.577 Y170.329 E202.6717 G1 X85.990 Y104.742 E206.6637 G1 X86.300 Y106.156 E206.7260 G1 X150.854 Y170.709 E210.6551 G1 X150.131 Y171.089 E210.6902 G1 X86.611 Y107.569 E214.5564 Can you see anything that should retract all my filament ?? Again Thank you for the Advise. Bob
  17. ;pause 1 G91 ; set Relative G1 E-0.50 F1800 ; Retract :start of bobs stop G1 Z20 F3000 X20 Y50; move to Z100 X145 Y150 at F4000 speed M0 S30 ; pause G1 E1.0 F1000 ; purge 1mm fillament G90 ; Set absolute G92 E0.0 G1 X85.679 Y103.328 F2000 these are taken from next feature G1 Z2.930 G1 X152.300 Y169.949 E202.6365 F1380 G1 X151.577 Y170.329 E202.6717 G1 X85.990 Y104.742 E206.6637 G1 X86.300 Y106.156 E206.7260 G1 X150.854 Y170.709 E210.6551 G1 X150.131 Y171.089 E210.6902 G1 X86.611 Y107.569 E214.5564 I looked at the code and decided where the pause would be there's two pauses in the complete programme, the print is in absolute (start of G code) I had two issues 1 unless I put the G92 in the filament would be completely retracted ruining the print and when I could get it to re print the line G1 X152.300 Y169.949 E202.6365 F1380 would go to the X and Y coordinates but the extruder was not extruding but the next line it started to extrude,, i'm working on two projects both need a pause in it 1 on the Ultimaker 2 and the other on Taz 6 the code above is running on Taz 6 i'm reluctant to do anymore prints until I know where I'm going wrong Taz 6 uses Marlin. I wondered if the reason there was no movement from the extruder was something todo with the E202.6365 with me placing the G92 E0.0 (did this re set extruder length to 0 ?? any advise greatly received.. Bob
  18. Tinkergnome thank you for taking the time to respond it is appreciated.. My apologies my original code had been modified to take out the incremental and absolute commands (suggested by some else) below is directly from my sd card
  19. Hi All I hope someone can help me with this Im wanting to pause my print at a given place and I use a a few lines of code that basically does a retract move away from print and pause then resume ;pause 1 G1 E-0.50 F1800 ; Retract :start of bobs stop G1 Z20 F3000 X20 Y50 M0 S30 ; pause G1 E1.0 F1000 ; purge 1mm fillament G92 E0.0 G1 Z2.930 G1 X152.300 Y169.949 E202.6365 F1380 G1 X151.577 Y170.329 E202.6717 G1 X85.990 Y104.742 E206.6637 G1 X86.300 Y106.156 E206.7260 but line G1 X152.300 Y169.949 E202.6365 F1380 does not print, it moves to the x and y coordinates but the extruder is not moving until the next line could some explain where Im going wrong
  20. does the Mark 2 conversion work with cura 4.1 I have it working on V3.2 was going to upgrade but want to check first..
  21. greatg no I have not connected it I have the mark two mod on so didn't see the point I thinking of getting UM3 and connecting it but not sure,, Ahoeben I agree that is a reason I'm not printing much with palette top picture is a product im developing so is a functional model (Proto type) it takes to long 18hrs in fact the purge block is the majority of the time the car was 10hrs but, im struggling with the waist,, there is however ways around the waist, my reason for putting the pics up is to show the Palette is an option and it does work...although I just stuffed my printer up using PVA which I wont do again...
  22. I use the Pallette what would you like to know???
  23. I am considering the kit to put on my Pallette and hook up my UM2
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