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  1. I have a serious issue with two of my ultimaker 2 printers. One just shutdown during printing with ColorFab HT at 260C and bed at 90C. Just shutdown, no errors, nothing. Tried to turn it on, nothing. Left it to cool down for 24h and now it starts up but Im afraid to print anything on it now. Does Ultimaker2 have some temp cutout or similar ? Second printer complete shutdown. A question, I removed the motherboard from it and tried to connect it to computer. Nothing happened. Does power brick needs to be plugged in or can the board be powered from USB?
  2. No one ? This has become a massive issue. Im afraid to leave printer alone in fear it will do something stupid.
  3. BookSwapSteve. Much more detailed description of the issue. The same issue Im experiencing.
  4. Im observing strange behavior that started recently. At the end of print filament retracts all the way down the bowden tube. And print head start to move oddly, like its starting a new print but at current z height, does a few commands then stops. Gcode looks good, ends with G10 M107 M82 and a lot of comments afterwords. Any Ideas why ? UM2_TopCarrier2.gcode
  5. This sound is really starting to concern me. Anyone ?
  6. While on a long print, >6h a strange sound started to show up. If I pause print and wait a minute then start up again it stops but then start up again after a minute or two. It sounds like its coming from bellow but its hard to determine exactly. I recorded a video of it .. View My Video Any ideas ? Than you..
  7. Any Idea how log it usually takes for support to respond ?
  8. Already posted a suport ticket. When they get back will post send the link. Thanks. If you think of anything else please post it.
  9. button works, there is clicking sound, removed the lcd and then reatached it... no joy
  10. nop, checked all the cables and they are all secure. But now I can't get the LCD to wakeup at all. Please help as now I have useless printer.
  11. Any guides or issues to look for while removing the cover? Dont want to damage a pretty expensive piece of hardware
  12. Hello, I got issue with Ultimaker 2 LCD not starting up on powerup, I need to turn it of and on couple of times for it to start up. And, sometimes on long prints LCD just freezes up, scroll wheel is not giving any sound when clicked. The printer continues to print but sometimes fails to properly end. That is, the buildplate does not lower and head does not move to 0 position. Any ideas ?
  13. Managed to print it using advanced options. Spiralize the outer contour and Only follow mesh surface
  14. Has anyone tried to add auto leveling to UM2 ?
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