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  1. Hi, I purchased the Ultimaker 2 a few months ago and everything has been going great, however recently the feeder mechanism has been making high pitched sounds. Basically, when it starts printing and the mechanism at the back pushes and pulls more material, each time it does it, is sounds like a creaking door? If it was a creaking door I would use WD40, but seeing as this mechanism also grips the material, I don't want to spray anything in there as it will probably hinder it. Has anyone else had this or know how to resolve it? Thanks in advance. Chris
  2. Hi all, Thanks for all your replies! I'm really sorry that I haven't replied to them. I've been travelling and on the hunt for a new job and so everything got put on the back burner! I've purchased a new PC and it doesn't appear to to be an issue on this, which is great ! Skint, the Red Lion is great pub, had a few too many in there myself on a number of occasions! Thanks all again. Chris
  3. Hi, I've just purchased the ultimaker 2 and downloaded Cura for a Mac. Apparently there are meant to be buttons at the bottom left to change scale etc, but they don't appear on mine when I load a file. Has anyone come across this or know how to fix it? Any help would be great! Thanks in advance! Chris
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