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  1. Thank you Geert, do you know by chance if the UM2 and UM2+ have the same power brick?
  2. measured the bed as well its 3,5 Ohm, which is what it should be, does mean the bed is definitely not the problem?
  3. My UM2 is about 4 years old but I use it only moderately. Since yesterday it restarts each time I try to heat up the bed, half a second before that the lights flicker or get dimmed for a moment. I found some threats about this, but is there really not way to test if its the bed itself, the power supply, the pvc? Does anybody have an idea how to track this or already found a solution? I tried to re solder the beds connections and leave a little gap between plastic connector and bead but no success so far..
  4. i see. maybe true - but as i want to rather do things with my printer than on my printer that's ok for me.. in the end the UM2 is an genius construction. But dual extrusion was more or less signalized. I still believe the guys as UM will manage it somehow.
  5. Would be really bad news for the UM2 users.. Is this reliable or just an assumption?
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