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  1. Hi Zoev89, thanks for your quick reply! I have read about Daid's post but I'm not sure if someone has already tested that kind of coupling (E3D 24V Version onto UM2) in real?! In the best case someone could confirm the functionality of such an connection before I'm going to buy an E3d hotend...
  2. Hi all, i just thougth about changing the Head of my UM2 with an E3D head. The aim for me is to get higher temperatures for printing other plastics than PLA or ABS. So I have talen a look at possible solutions for fitting an all-metal-hotend at the UM2... First of all I found the Design of JonnyBishof for mounting the E3D v6 Head at an UMO. In his pdf-description (see link below) he also talks about fitting the e3d on an UM2 using his kind of attachment. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/e3dv6-printhead-mount-for-ultimaker-original#!design-information Furthermore I found a design of Rai. However I'm not sure about using this kind of mounting for an UM2?! https://www.youmagine.com/designs/e3d-v6-hot-end-mount#!design-information Last but not least a possible fanduct design could be the following: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/e3d-integrated-printhead-v1-9 Based on this information I would ask if someone got any experience by using that kind of mounting for an E3D hotend at an UM2? Are there any problems by taking the UMO-designs for the UM2, any hints?! Another problem might be the power suppy and the connectivity to the UM2 PCB as written down in the previous posts. Has anyone tried to connect the 24V heater at an UM2? I think using an 12V heater is not an option?! Thanks a lot and best regards!
  3. Hi gr5, thanks for your quick answer! At the moment the machine is doing fine ... for 6 hours now i think ... I'll check your advice as soon as the error occurs again Best regards and a wonderful weekend
  4. Hi everyone, since yesterday my Ultimaker 2 also started to say "Error Stopped Temp Sensor". I tried the solutions shown by gr5, but nothing seems to work for me. So the "temp 1" connector is good connected, for example, ... Strangly sometime after shutting the Ultimaker down or after turning around the machine (to look at the bottom) the error disapperas and the printer starts to print. But then mayby before priniting, mayby during printing or by canceling printing the error appears again. Can anyone help me? The printer is a new one and only used for two days now, so I'm becoming more and more dissapointed about the quality, although I love the Ultimaker stuff ... Thanks a lot and best regards...
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