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  1. I agree with you that is old, but Ive gotten so much used to it that I just use it by default. But I will be upgrading it eventually of course Thanks for your answer!
  2. Im using Cura 15.04.3 and when I switch to Layer mode, It always shows this extra layers on top, on every model I insert. It does not print that, since there is nothing there but it is a bit annoying. Also on the second picture you see how it shows the last layers of the model, wider than the rest of it. Also does not print that, also is very annoying not to be able to see the model as is. Any idea whats causing this? EDIT: These extra layers happen after a while - I open layer view, for 5-6 seconds everything is as it should be, then these extra layers simply appear and they dont go away
  3. Nothing horrible is checked. I will re-check my model. The word was made in Inkscape and imported to Blender as SVG, and the board itself was made directly in blender. So maybe somewhere along the way I messed something up or simply didnt do.
  4. Im using CURA 14.03. The word you see was made hollow, only the walls (outer shells) of the letters are present, and 0,5mm thick. The bottom board should be, and is 100% filled, but the letters arent supposed to be filled at all. Is there any way to set that only the board at the bottom is 100% filled, but the letters remain hollow? Cause if I set it to 0% fill the board is empty then. At 100% fill cura fills everything: It should be like this: Or maybe I am just overseeing something? Or its not possible? Regards, Antonio
  5. I checked that, its empty in the middle for sure
  6. Yes, you got that right 2.5mm What is the nozzle diameter? .9mm seems very large! Nozzle diameter is 0.5mm. Can you send me your STL file? Can you post it somewhere on the internet? Maybe dropbox or something? And post a link to it? Here you go http://sardidj.com/ormerod/cura/Object.stl
  7. Hi gr5, my nozzle is 0.5mm and layer height 0.25mm. Shell thicknes 1.0 and 0.5 produce this With shell thickness 0.9mm and everything in Expert -> Fix horrible UNchecked Now, I can live with the empty space in the middle of the bar, its not that important. While making the bar, I made it 0.25x0.25, maybe that is what is causing Cura not to fill it all the way?
  8. Hi guys. A couple of weeks a go I started using Cura along with Slic3r, and have now come across a problem with one of my objects. This is how my model looks in Blender Netfabb also says everything is ok But in Cura -> Expert config -> Fix horrible everything unchecked Cura -> Expert config -> Fix horrible -> Combine everything Type B So as it turns out, I can have one or the other, but not both. I must also say that the object without bar gets exported to g-code without problems (fix everything -> Type A checked), its when I add the bar that the problems occ
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