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  1. Alright after working on this all day I figured out that when I installed the feeder I pushed the little plastic gear on the feeder motor back. I did not even realize that it would move. So the loud popping noise was the small gear slipping off of the big one because it was not touching it all the way. Hopefully this can help someone else. Maybe I was the only dumb one haha.
  2. Yeah still the same thing. I am wondering if I should contact support directly. Anybody else having this issue?
  3. Alright removed and checked alignment. I also went ahead and Fixed my settings. I slowed down my printing and took the layer height down a bit to make sure I was not forcing too much filament through at once. Going to run it again.
  4. Yeah I used the grease. I may remove the feeder and reattach it just to make sure its aligned properly.
  5. So I recently upgraded my ultimaker 2 to the 2+ and now I am getting a loud popping/clicking sound from the feeder when I am printing. It does not happen all the time just once in a while. It reminds me of the when the filament would slip on the ultimaker 2 but a lot louder. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks a lot for the help. It turns out I was doing it correctly...I just accidentally reversed one of the pulleys the first time I did it so there was like a half inch gap on one side. It fell off when I first did it.
  7. Yeah this is pretty much what I got from the upgrade video. It's very vague. I hate that I don't really understand it what's going on with this. I wish there was something that explained it in more detail.
  8. I recently updated my ultimaker 2 to the 2+ Now I am having trouble printing round circles. I was really confused on the aligning the axles portion of the video and the written tutorial. Maybe I did it wrong and that's the issue? I'm not really sure. Just know I can't figure it out. I cab upload some pictures if needed. Any help would be great. Thanks
  9. I have been working on a youtube show called Logos to Life for the past year and my ultimaker 2 has been right in the center of these videos. I have posted a few of the episodes here, but it's been a long time since I had a chance to come back and post more. I really fell in love with this forum last year, so I wanted to make sure to get back here and share these with you guys. Anyway, here are the videos I have done this year.
  10. I feel like it has been a really long time since I posted. I have not forgotten about you guys. I have just been deep in the process of developing a new youtube show using my Ulitmaker 2 and the logos of different youtube personalities. It started with my cinemassacre 3d print that I did as a fan (which I shared here several months back) and has blossomed into a fun series about developing 3d prints. I have several other logos that I am already working on and hope to get more youtubers involved. I'll keep you guys updated if you are interested. Anyway check out the latest episode. And here are a couple images if you just want to check out the finished 3d print itself.
  11. You read my mind and I don't know why I had not checked this before. One of the leads had come out of the connector right above the print head. The fan is spinning away now! I am hoping this was my problem the whole time. Putting it all back together now. Thanks again!
  12. Thanks. That's what I thought. I ordered this one just to get it her fast. I can't wait for support to help me on this. http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/MC25060V2-000U-A99/259-1573-ND/2757803 http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/5442-feature-request-allow-to-turn-off-fan-behind-extruder/%C2%A0 Thanks for all your help.
  13. The main fan on the back should be on all the time right? Cause mine is off. and I am never seeing it turn on at all.
  14. @ Didier Klein Yeah My nozzle is extremely clean. I cleaned it out several times. I tried to pull the sensor out when I had it all apart and it is for sure stuck in there. My teflon coupler looked pretty bad and I had trouble trying ot push filament through by hand. I will replace this for sure regardless of if there is anything else wrong. Is there anywhere to order parts in the US? I know they can probably get me one, but I kind of need to fix this faster than waiting for an overseas part. swordriff Thanks for the info. I have literally never really had any issues with my printer up until now. I had a couple clogged nozzles but that was easy. This is getting frustrating.
  15. Thanks for the info. I'll check the temperature using that method tomorrow. If that's fine I will for sure get another coupler as my next step. I'll update if neither of those things work. I really need to get this fixed sooner than later.
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