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  1. I have a model that I have designed in blender and I've textured the faces. I have printed it successfully at shapeways and I was wondering how I can print it on my Ultimaker as it is only 2 colours. The instructions seem to suggest that I can only print 2 separate models. Is there a way to get my model into 2 separate models? Or, some way to tell Cura about colours since it supports texture supporting file formats. Oh, my model is very low poly, so complexes in mesh mixer isn't going to help unless I can increase the poly count without changing the shape... which I'm not sure how
  2. The $149 price tag for Simplify3D would soon pay for itself in PVA savings. I love Cura and my Ultimaker and can't think of any other way to print, but I am considering switching to Simplify3D given this option (amongst others - variable infill for example, easier variable layer height, very exciting)
  3. @Didier, You understood mostly correctly, it's the first layer of the raft I'm having a problem with, not the actual print. The print comes out (and is printed) exactly as expected and configured. I may play with tweakAt, but I guess it would be set the temp to 235, then tweakAt 0 back to 195 for a 10mm/s. THe only problem would be the first thing it printed would be all over the place until the head cooled sufficiently... unless tweakAt takes into account the raft? @Daid, thanks for adding AutoTemp to the feature list, but is auto temping something that can realistically be done, or would it
  4. Hi I'd like propose a change to the way temperatures are set when using an Ultimaker2. Currently they are defined per material but I do not believe this is the right place for that. Temperature defined the flow rate based on the materials ability to absorb the heat energy. Material then, has a 'resistance' to absorbing heat. Naturel PLA/PHA from ColorFabb has a lot less impurities and additives than the same material in white so resists heating less. This can be as much as 5 degrees in my testing. The required flow rate is actually defined at print time, when I know the speed and quality I
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