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  1. That's funny... I tried that trick some time ago, but it did not work then. I have checked, and indeed it does not work in 14.01 (which I have used for most part of last year) as that one also produces "inside skirts" (pretty annoying...) but it DOES work in later versions. Never noticed those inside skirts had disappeared, as I had set all my skirts at quite some distance around all objects with cutouts since then, because that removed the inside ones. So now I can put those skirts back to 1-2 mm again, which is nice. Thanks. Still, would be nice to have a checkbox for "inside brim", so we
  2. With Cura (up to) version 13.10 I could print objects which have cutouts in the bottom using a brim, and the cutouts would come out clean. In all later versions there is an "inside brim" which (partially) fills up those cutouts. As I print LOTS of objects with cutouts (logo etc.) I still have to revert to using 13.10 for those, which is a pity because Cura has really advanced in many ways since then... So if possible, could you please make this inside brim optional in the next version ? Thanks !!! Erik Swetter Printed In Space Amsterdam
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