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  1. why is it Cura refuses to print objects above a certain height in one-at-a-time mode, even when it is clear there would be no collision between print head or gantry and the objects already printed? eg imagen your printing two cylinders each with a radius of 40mm and a height of 120mm. The first cylinder is positioned at the front right corner of the build plate, the second cylinder is in the back left corner. Obviously there would be no issue of coalitions and yet a warning message appears declaring there is nothing to slice because "none of the models fit". using cur
  2. No its not! And according to nallath, who sounds like he knows his stuff, it never has been available.
  3. @ yellowshark what u describe is, as i understand it, how the slicer works, not the gcode, which is simpler and dost have a concept of objects or copies. What I'm saying is, if having multiple layer heights is an issue for the printer. Crate a "compound_gcode" which contains multiple objects (each with their own gcode) which automatically load in sequence, without resetting the nozzle position. Collisions wouldn't be an issue as it would be calculated the same way as a normal one-at-a-time print. the only difference is that each object is treated like a separate gcode befor
  4. Thanks for the reply nallath. I'm not familiar with the structure of gcode so i only get jist of what your saying. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but could problems u mention not be bypassed by treating the per-model-layer-height setting almost like separate prints in a queue? so it would effectively be loading a new gcode for each object? A compound-gcode as it were
  5. I'm glad that Cura now has per a model settings. It is something it has lacked for a long time. But i'm surprised to see we still can't have different layer heights (when printing one at a time) as this would surely be one of the most used setting. dose any one know why its been omitted?
  6. i also found the sensor to be stuck. I got it loos in the end by adding a few drops of WD40 and then heating it to 260.
  7. special modes! i wouldn't have thought to look there, for me this was a default setting . thanks peggyb,
  8. "should be available" this sounds like speculation? I don't think Machine Settings even exists as menu in cura 3.2.1. You now just select the printer or printer + upgrade your using. I've already selected the standard UM2 as my printer and as i said i cant find an the option to print one at a time.
  9. After looking and failing to find the option to, print one item at a time, i read somewhere that cura 3.2.1 don't currently have this facility? This is rather annoying as i ( and many others im sure) use this option ALL THE TIME! Can some pleas tell me when i might expect a patch or an upgrade to restore this option?
  10. ill give the temperature anther go then. Its not the model, happens with every ting i print.
  11. As i said i haven't made any changes to anything, it's the same machine, the same filaments and the same settings. but all of a sudden i have quite pronounces string issue. i assume there is a direct or indirect problem with retraction. but i cant find anything! it looks to to be working normally. i have not disabled retaction and can see the feeder / filoment doing the motions. ive played around with temperature and retraction settings which seems to have little affect. I've taken apart and reassembled the feeder despite it seeming to be fine anyway. and I ive removed and reinserted
  12. I'm certainly interested in this product but given that the Ultimaker team themselves felt they couldn't deliver a satisfactory duel extruder of their own, i'm a little wary of putting to much faith in something developed by a third party. Therefor i would like to suggest, if the guys at Ultimaker are willing, you could send them an upgrade kit to try out then they could give their feedback direct to this very thread. It would be a win win situation. People like myself would be reassured and thus more likely to buy if we could read a positive review from an knowledgeable and independent jud
  13. short enough maybe i will take neotko advice and ask Ulticreatr people how thy overcame the problems you described, no harm in asking.
  14. i saw the thread already but dont think the developers of a product are going to give me an impartial review of their product. im hoping the guys at Ultimaker might hav got their hands on one and could offer their opinions as pros and could also compare this thing's performance with their own efforts.
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