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  1. Agreed, I use a Fortus 250mc and the software is "Insight" and it has this feature. I know Cura is free, but there are some awesome features that would almost NEED to be added into it and this is for sure one of them.
  2. Cura's auto calculations haven't seemed to be that reliable. I've changed my density on some products and the material usage didn't change at all. I'm just trying to get the manual way down so it's actually rock solid info I'm relying on.
  3. I'm trying to double check my math here. So material from Ulitmaker is $31.50 EUR for 90 meters of 2.85mm thickness. So does that mean the cost per mm^3 is $0.000054 EUR? Which would put a 10,000 mm^3 part at $0.54 EUR? Does that sound right? I use mm^3 because you can check your g-code for how many mm^3 of material you are using to get an accurate cost/part.
  4. Sorry, I meant it takes time to think about it, not just rush across the screen. It still makes it, but you can tell it's figuring it out, not just rushing. When I save my g-code and then open it up, at the top it says Time: 5455 Material: 10588 Material (2): Etc.... I'm trying to figure out that units the time and material are in.
  5. This problem is with my 14.07 Cura software.
  6. It doesn't "zip" to the right, it looks like it's trying to figure it out. But regardless, I do notice a difference in the g-code. Can someone please tell me what the g-code units of measurement are for time and material?
  7. It seems that the material and time estimator is off. When I switch from 20% dense to 50% dense is doesn't show a change in material usage. I figured I'd bypass the estimating and go straight to the G-Code. But I'm not sure what the units of measurement they are using. example: Time: 5455 Material: 10588 Pretty simple question, can anyone lend a hand?
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