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  1. Dear Friends, I am trying to make one very simple component on my 3D printer. I am using CURA software. Please find the stl file attached here with. I tried to make this component a few times with littlebit different settings. The best I could reach is with the settings: Nozzle size = 0.40mm, layer height = 0.15mm, Flow (%) = 85, print speed = 60, travel speed = 80, I could achieve the following results. These are the best results so far. INNER SQUARE:- - The thickness (as per drawing = 4mm) is correct in 3D print. - The inside measurements of the inner squre is 16.80-16.90mm while it should be 17.00 mm as per drawing. - The wall thickness of the inner square is about 1.10 mm.Actually this varies at different points on all 4 sides. This comes from 1.04 mm to 1.10mm at different points along the circumference of the inner square. As per drawing, this should be 1.00 mm. - The outer measurement of the inner square is about 18.99 mm to 19.05 mm. As per Drawing, this should be 19.00 mm. This is acceptable. OUTER SQUARE:- - The inner measurement of the outer square is about 36.80 while as per drawing it should be 40.00 mm. - The wall thickness of the outer square wall is about 1.55 to 1.65 mm while it should be 1.50 mm as per drawing. - The outer measurement of the outer square is 39.90 - 40.10 mm at different points along the circumference of the square. It is different at different points. Tolarence within the range of 0.10 mm is acceptable but not more than that. It seems a bit odd to me that at places the dimensions goes minus while at some places the dimensions goes plus. From the above details, it is clear that eaither I am missing something or not doing the correct and proper settings. Kindly advise me on this. Your Early help will be greatly appreciated. Shall I set layer height to be less than 0.15mm? For example shall I set it to 0.10 mm or even less? I am asking this because I have read in CURA manual that it can be set as low as 0.02 mm. Thank you in Advanve Tushar Patil P.S. :- I have also made a 0.25mm nozzle but without any better results. What may I be missing???
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