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  1. Yeah This one was sliced differently, but I had tried the same gcode as previous with same outcome. WIll keep checking it out, thanks!
  2. Hi Guys, after my firmware upgrade I am getting weird issues with the top layers. Notice the little spacing in areas like by the heart. It does it on both my ultimakers and does it with multiple materials. It used to print perfectly like the one in the image, now I cannot seem to find a fix. Any suggestions?
  3. Awesome guys well done! Very much deserved, I loved both winners designs, really looking forward to seeing the final prints. I am super stoked, thanks Ultimaker Team, another robot in the family means the world.
  4. Hey Guys, first off, amazing submissions, really inspiring stuff. I wanted to create a fun blocky style that kinda reminds me of old building blocks, I wanted to have a constant theme running through all pages that gives a sense of scale. I managed to get 6/8 images done. Please check them out below! Homepage I wanted to show elements from all pages in a city theme. For me the ultimaker is about building worlds. UM2 Extended I wanted to show the scale that these machines can print, nothing better than a take on King Kong, with the rebels flying past. UM2 Original In this scene I wanted to show making and robots. Software A scene of the software development in action. Needs a lot more fans and things from the ceilings. Materials A scene of a materials laboratory. Crazy scientists UMMini I wanted to show speed and agility of this small machine.
  5. For me the Ultimaker is about technology, discovery and creativity. I wanted to show this in a small scene where the prints use the the printer as part of the set. My rough concept is Area 52, robot excavation site. Basically the scene is of a secret discovery where robot ruins have been dug up by archeologists. The scene is fitted out with clip on Security cameras, Flood lights for the site, ladders and scaffolding around the printer along with the Overseer of the site. A dump truck is also present for rubble removal and scattered around are construction cones. The main area of focus is a construction pit where it looks like a sunken robot is appearing within the hole, surrounding the dig are a few characters and machinery, exploring the secret discovery. In the background other bits of robot parts can be seen emerging from the ground. Super quick sketch and I hope it gets the idea across.
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