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  1. Hello, My problem is the following one : I had the same problem than the one describe here : http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/3735-a-fix-for-ultimaker-2-heated-bed-not-working/ Which is that the heat bed was not working due to loose cable. So I opened the printer, I fixed the problem, I tested the heating without re-assembling everything, everything worked. I switched off, unplugged the power supply, did the re-assembly and then no power coming to the 3D printer. :???: As we have two ultimaker 2, I connected the other power supply on the printer with the heater bed disconnected (cause it seemed to be the problem) and it worked. To sum up : - the power supply is dead, do you know a way to fix it ? Otherwise I will just buy a new one - the cause of the dead power supply seems to be the heater bed. Do you know a way to test it ? Thank you in advance for your help
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