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  1. Same here. I cannot really see a blue sticking uppwards line showing retraction where is should be. Anyone?
  2. For the reference. My current PID values on UM2 (Tinker firmware) before upgrading from 25W heater to 35W one: P10.00 I2.50 D100.00 They can me be viewed using M503 command.
  3. I boys and girls. I have been working on a time-lapse for colorFabb challenge for past 3 weeks. Check out what I have got. Tens of gours of printing and stitching :-) Let me know what you think.
  4. Thanks for a quick reply guys. I found it now in the expert settings and will test it. I want it off because I want to test print in different colors therefore I am splitting original model into smaller ones each for each layers (height layer) and I want to print one on the other without removing it from hatbead. Therefore Skirt should be off otherwise the nozzle with start to scratch on the model that is already placed on the heatbed.
  5. Hi When I print on Ultimaker 1 or 2 without any Support or Platform, the first thing the printer does is to print a border around the object that it will print, about 3-5 mm around the object. Then it starts to print the object itself. I wonder if it is possible to tell Cura or Ultimaker to NOT to print this border?
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